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Increased Scheduling Visibility For Veteran Volunteers at The Mission Continues

By 01.24.20
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The Mission Continues is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization founded in 2007 to provide opportunities for post-9/11 veterans to find purpose at home through community impact.

With operations in cities across the country, The Mission Continues’ veteran volunteers work alongside non-profit partners and community leaders to achieve critical objectives such as improving community education resources, eliminating food deserts, mentoring at-risk youth, increasing access to parks and green spaces, fostering neighborhood identity, and more.

The Mission Continues’ vision is for all veterans with a desire to continue their service to be part of a movement to transform communities. But with so many volunteers and locations across the US, scheduling became cumbersome and time-consuming.


Seeing the whole picture with CalendarAnything

“We needed a method to organize events across many geographic areas so that the entire team could have insight into our activities and quickly visualize any conflicts and obtain the data for each event at a glance,” said Claude Edkins, IT Strategy and Operations at The Mission Continues.

After research in the AppExchange market, CalendarAnything was the clear winner to address The Mission Continues’ needs. “The installation was simple, easy to set-up, and we had no challenges. The project timeline was less than 30 days,” Edkins said. “We are able to manage events in a streamlined method and no longer depend on external data sources like Excel or Google calendars to manage our calendar data.“


See how CalendarAnything can help your organization.

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