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Advice from BCU: How To Choose The Right Salesforce Partner For Your Credit Union

By 11.19.19
Reading time: 2 minutes

We recently highlighted the work we did with Baxter Credit Union (BCU) to implement their new Salesforce Org and help increase member engagement across the board. 

The project was a success largely due to the partnership formed early on. “In our work with Silverline, we set a very clear expectation of ‘Look, here’s where we want to go, here are some guiding principles we want to have in our project.’ And we’re very thankful that they took that and said ‘Yup. We get it and we’re going to follow these principles,’” said John Sahagian, BCU’s Chief Data Officer. 

Silverline’s approach and adherence to BCU’s guiding principles made for easy, open communication and collaboration, ultimately leading to the project’s completion and a thriving Salesforce Org.

Advice from the BCU team for a successful project and partnership

Luke Musiniski, Project Manager:

  • Do your homework. Understand what your value drivers are because it is a hefty investment. 
  • Understand and select the system implementor that is best suited for you — one who understands your organization, your needs, and the way that you work.

Dan Kotek, Senior Manager, Enterprise CRM Experience:

  • Find the right partner and move forward together. And don’t shortchange integrations, because integrations are the most important part. You’re using data from these backend systems… you need to know how to bring it into Salesforce where you can use it, react to it, put automation to it.

See what additional advice Sahagian and other BCU team members have for choosing the right Salesforce partner in the video below.

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