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The 8 nCino Certifications You Need for Banking Success

By 04.26.22
Reading time: 4 minutes

“Always be learning” is a common mantra you’ll hear as you move up in your financial services career, and it’s a core value here at Silverline. One of the best ways to advance your learning is to take courses in areas relevant to the banking industry and educate yourself about the platforms and systems you are using. 

A system used by many banks and financial institutions is nCino. The bank operating system is built on the Salesforce platform and streamlines all customer and employee interactions within a single, cloud-based platform. nCino’s comprehensive features and functionality increase a bank’s profitability and productivity while enhancing customer relationships and ensuring regulatory compliance. 

nCino understands that the key to success with a new platform is user adoption. nCino University was created as a training tool to unleash the full power of the nCino Bank Operating System. Users can easily understand the nCino platform through an established educational model, get certified, and improve performance in their current roles.  

What are the nCino certifications?

nCino University delivers interactive training to users through multiple methods, including online learning tools, on-site training sessions, exam guides, and ongoing webinars. Users can leverage these resources when preparing for a certification exam. After certification, they will receive special access to nCino University content, such as best practices for new product features and enhancements, to continue their professional development. 

nCino University’s certification courses are created by former bankers, technologists, educators, and Salesforce-certified instructors. Courses are labeled as “configuration” or “functional.” Users should start with the functional courses, which focus on the foundations of nCino and then build upon those with the configuration courses, which discuss best practices and implementations. 

Here is a recommended order for the certification courses:

  1. nCino Business Value: Gain a fundamental functional understanding of nCino as a whole and learn important concepts around selling, scoping, and delivering the nCino solution to financial institutions 
  2. 201 – Commercial Banking Functional: Provides an intermediate knowledge of the nCino Commercial Banking Solution to comfortably navigate the commercial loan origination process within nCino
  3. 301 – Commercial Banking Configuration: Learn to successfully configure the Commercial Banking Solution and effectively adapt institution policies and procedures to the nCino environment
  4. 201- Retail Banking Functional: Build upon an intermediate knowledge of the nCino Retail Banking Solution and see how to direct the retail loan origination process within nCino
  5. 201 – Treasury Management Functional: Learn to navigate the treasury management sales, onboarding, and maintenance process within nCino
  6. 301 – Retail Banking Configuration: A follow-up course that provides advanced knowledge of the nCino Retail Banking Solution and how to effectively adapt institution policies and procedures to the nCino environment
  7. 201 – Customer Engagement Functional: Focuses on digital engagement and using customer engagement tools and processes within nCino
  8. 301 – Customer Engagement Configuration: Advances the learnings of the 201 Customer Engagement Functional course with ways to adapt institution policies and procedures to the nCino environment

nCino recently added helpful enhancements to its Commercial Banking e-learning and has plans to incorporate these updates to other areas throughout the year. These include interactive and visual elements for a more engaging experience, the ability to spin up a training org to perform hands-on exercises, and nCheck, which is nCino’s automated exercise checking tool for in-the-moment feedback. 

nCino understands that its partners and customers are all over the world and often on the go. That’s why the nCino online training platform is accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime, so users can log on at their convenience.

How should one prepare to take a nCino certification exam?

To be ready for a certification exam, nCino University offers a variety of resources, including the courses listed above plus comprehensive exam guides. The exam guides include sample questions and an explanation of how the scoring is weighted for the topics covered. 

Most nCino certification exams consist of between 30 and 60 multiple-choice questions and have an allotted testing time that ranges from 60 to 120 minutes. Exam takers must achieve a passing score of 65% for all the exams except for the nCino Business Value certification, which is 80%. 

Once you earn your nCino certification, you must complete a regular maintenance exam, or the certification will expire and you will have to retake the certification exam. The maintenance exam ensures you stay updated on the latest nCino offerings and releases. nCino will notify you when your certification maintenance window opens, but it will generally occur in the Fall.

What’s the value of a nCino certification?

After passing your exam, you’ll receive a shiny new badge to share on LinkedIn. Want more for all your efforts? Luckily, the value of certification goes beyond the badge.

nCino-certified individuals are competent, confident, and credible resources that enable their financial institutions to succeed with the nCino Bank Operating System. Solution architects, technical architects, business analysts, and project managers at financial institutions have all benefited from getting nCino certified. The certification showcases a proof of their nCino knowledge and legitimizes their authority in the space. 

The most significant advantage of a nCino certification is that you achieve a clear view of the ‘why’ behind how nCino is built the way it is. You gain a strong understanding of nCino best practices and will be able to take a thoughtful approach to connect the dots between various nCino features and products. For example, knowing how a nCino implementation will relate to a future state and being capable of making the right system customizations to get there.

Get nCino certified with Silverline

nCino certifications are exclusively available to nCino’s customers and partner companies. Silverline is a Salesforce consulting partner and a certified nCino partner. We are a firm believer in “always be learning’ and providing career advancement to all employees through growth and development programs, including nCino certifications. Join our team and take the next step in your career journey. 

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