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How CAP COM Uses FSC and nCino to Stay Community-Focused

By 02.01.21 Cheerful young male bank employee gestures as he explains the bank's services with a mature female customer.
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CAP COM, an Albany, NY-based credit union, knows that a credit union isn’t really about the money — it’s about what you do with it. Their affordable financial services are locally owned by members, focusing on a community-led approach. As they themselves say, they’re people advocates who are there to “help you fulfill your dreams.”

They required new technology that would support growth, operational efficiencies, and service improvements. But most importantly, they needed technology that their team could own and become experts on, and implement day to day to grow and adapt with their business.

That’s why they turned to Silverline’s trusted experts in the financial space to implement Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, alongside an nCino implementation.

Managing multiple legacy systems

Like most organizations, as the credit union has grown, so has their technology stack. Their teams were juggling different systems for marketing, referrals, and account management, with no central view of what their members needed. “At CAP COM, our focus is on our members,” said Chief Technology Officer, Jason Greco. “We always want our members to receive the best possible experience, and achieving our vision was limited by the systems and manual processes that we had in place.”

For example, when someone came into the credit union or called the Contact Center, staff weren’t able to see all of their information — especially if they had multiple products or services, like savings, checking, mortgages, and wealth management accounts

“Our teams had to navigate multiple systems, making it more difficult to help the member holistically,” said Greco. “We knew we needed to consolidate our efforts and make our operations more efficient in order to deliver an outstanding service experience.”

The team needed the visibility of a single pane of glass to understand how their members engage with the credit union, track sales pipeline, and note general interest in products and services. 

They partnered with Silverline, choosing Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, paired with nCino, to unify their member interactions and provide a clear picture of every member. Said Greco, “Our goals came down to three things: supporting sustainable growth, streamlining and automating workflows to drive efficiencies, and giving our members a truly exceptional experience.”

As a Salesforce Platinum Partner with expertise in financial services, Silverline leverages best practices acquired through more than a thousand implementations, with a core financial services team that possesses industry knowledge across all lines of business. Implementing Financial Services Cloud gave the CAP COM team room to focus on what matters most: the member experience and their local community.

Creating a 360-degree member view with FSC and nCino

Building a better member experience starts with making data more accessible to everyone in the organization. Silverline helped digitally transform their business, establishing key indicators for member interactions — so the team knows when someone is interested in doing business beyond a checking or savings account, like a mortgage or car loan. They can now more easily help the member take advantage of that opportunity.

“This platform has revolutionized our tracking and reporting capabilities,” said Greco. “We can see everything that’s going on at a high level, and our teams can have deeper conversations with members to get them the services they need. The stories from our member-facing teams have been amazing!”

Financial Services Cloud paired up with their existing nCino implementation so they could more easily track and visualize member relationships, source and prioritize referrals, streamline handoffs and coordination among key stakeholders, and provide visibility throughout the entire lifecycle. A 360-degree view makes it easy to work together as an organization.

“It’s transformational, what Financial Services Cloud has done for our business,” said Greco. “We’re able to have richer and more personal conversations with our members.”

An accelerated roll-out to get up and running quickly

And they did it all by moving at the speed of Salesforce, rolling out the new system to their entire organization very quickly. “I was so impressed by how quickly the team was able to get the system up and running,” said Greco. “We started out with a small subset of the company and built on the successes there to bring it to the entire credit union.”

“We at Silverline really worked as one team with the CAP COM project team to make this implementation successful. While we helped with implementation, we were also there to guide and enable them while they did some of the heavy lifting, especially with complex data integration work. I was impressed by the effort and the way the team just jumped right in and really took ownership,” said Rob Burkett, Principal Consultant associated with the project.

CAP COM chose to go all-in on their digital transformation initiative with Silverline, which meant multiple projects were happening at once. But they accomplished it all on time with coordinated teamwork. “It was important to me that our team co-deliver the project to ensure we could support it long-term.” said Greco. “And I can’t say enough great things about the Silverline team. They helped guide us every step of the way and helped our team feel empowered and ready to take this on.”

Interested in what else Silverline can do for your bank or credit union? Look no further.

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