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Top 10 Summer ‘14 Features for Financial Services

By 08.14.14
Reading time: 3 minutes


Silverline was the proud host and sponsor of another great Financial Services Salesforce User Group. After some food, drinks, and networking (and a few technical difficulties as we learn how to use our A/V equipment in our new office) we heard from Cheryl Feldman, Business Systems Analyst at S&P Capital IQ and Roger Mitchell, Solution Architect at Silverline on the Top 10 Summer ‘14 Features for Financial Services.

Let’s get started with the countdown:

10. Attach Larger Files!

With the Summer’ 14 Salesforce has increased the size limit for attachments to objects from 5 MB to 25 MB. Attachment limits in Salesforce Knowledge remain unchanged. Salesforce has also increased the size limit for incoming email messages from 10 MB to 25 MB, making it more likely that you’ll receive even long messages with multiple attachments in their entirety.

9. Side Panel Enhancements

With Summer ‘14 users create not only cases, but also accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, and custom object records—all directly from the Salesforce Side Panel. There is also the ability for admins to create multiple publisher layouts for the Salesforce Side Panel and customize each layout with different sets of Publisher Actions. This helps users with different responsibilities create different kinds of records directly from the side panel.

8. Territory Management 2.0 (Beta)

This gives Admins and designated users the ability to create different territory types.  You can build a model, and then add and test your account assignment rules.


7. Approvals

With the Summer Release users can now submit records for approval right from Salesforce1. You can now create a custom report type which allow for reporting on approval history. This will give metrics to see things such as how long a specific step in an approval process takes or see approvals by record or by object.

6. Flow Enhancements

With the Summer Release you can either call upon an existing workflow email or configure an email within a flow, and Admins and Developers now have the ability to use existing object-based and global actions in a flow.

5. Salesforce Files Sync Desktop & Mobile

Salesforce Files Sync is now generally available for desktop environment. You can enable for all or some users with Profile and Permission Set rollouts. It works with both Windows 7 and Mac OS X. You can share files directly from Salesforce Files folder on computer, no need to be in Files can also be downloaded and cached locally on Salesforce1 for mobile devices.

4. Mobile Calendar Events

Salesforce Today displays events that are scheduled on users’ mobile calendars. Now Today makes it fast and easy to log these events in Salesforce. This option is especially helpful if your organization requires sales reps to track customer interactions through Salesforce events.


3. Salesforce 1 Today

The Today UI has been streamlined making it easier for end users to see important details of their day.

2. Publisher Actions without Chatter

You can use Publisher Actions even if Chatter is not enabled. Publisher actions are extremely powerful for both mobile and desktop.  They allow admins to do some things that previously couldn’t be done with clicks.

1. Profile Based Rollout of Chatter

Roll out Chatter to a sub-set of your users. This was previously in pilot and has now become generally available with the Summer Release. You can roll Chatter out to a specific profile(s) or through permission sets. This is helpful for Salesforce customers with a single Salesforce org that share multiple business lines, where some are not subject to the same regulatory requirements

Want to join the group and receive updates? Visit the Financial Services Salesforce User Group here.

Cheryl and Roger also hosted a lively game of trivia to win some cool Salesforce swag. Would you have won? Take the online trivia questions and if you get all 5 right we’ll send you prize as well! 

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