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Pardot Summer ‘17 Release Updates

By 07.13.17
Reading time: 2 minutes

While Pardot doesn’t quite follow Salesforce’s release schedule, there are still quite a few notable updates everyone should be aware of. Most of these were driven by user request so you may have spent some time wishing for a few of the following…

Notable Pardot Summer ‘17 Release UpdatesAutomation Rule Repeat

Prospects may now run through the same automation rule multiple times. A simple checkbox controls this functionality on each individual rule. This opens up a wide range of possibilities from running through custom scoring logic more than once to calculating quantities, moving in and out of static lists, repetitive user notifications and more.

Just remember to think through the implications of your logic! Depending on how frequently your prospect qualifies, your completion actions could be fired off at a much higher rate than desired.

Multiple Tracker Domains

While you still have to select a primary CNAME, you can now add other subdomains to brand different business units. For example, your CNAME may be but you could also add,, etc.

Using your secondary tracker domains does take some manual intervention but it certainly leaves you with more branding options. This new feature also requires you to prove ownership of the subdomain by updating your TXT records or hosting a file but most marketers will find this well worth the technical requirements.

Notable Pardot Summer ‘17 Release Updates 1Engagement Studio Start & Stop Times

Have you ever forgotten to pause an Engagement Studio program powered by a dynamic list only to find someone qualify well after the content became dated? You can now schedule start and stop times for your Engagement programs to conduct time-sensitive campaigns. This function can help you with events, promotional offers, and anything else that has a limited window of opportunity.

Keep an eye out for Pardot roadmap sessions which are regularly announced in the success community for information regarding other upcoming features and functions and be sure to subscribe to our blog for additional updates. If you have any questions, leave it for me in the comments below!

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