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Customer 360 Audiences: What You Need to Know

By 04.06.21
Reading time: 2 minutes

The concept of a 360 degree view of a customer seems like it’s always been around. We all know it as a single view of the customer: understanding who they are, what they do, when they do it, and ultimately what drives them to make purchasing decisions. 

Siloed insights hinder innovation

Over the years, marketers have gained insight into many prospect interactions with a brand. With the power of master data management and data management platforms, the data and interaction history stored over time has been leveraged for enhanced decision making. This drives significant change in the way marketers market and sales people sell. 

The reality though, is  that while we continue to capture data at all stages of the customer journey, that data continues to be siloed. Sales people sell, advertisers advertise, analyzers analyze. 

The issue is, we’ve got emails and phone numbers stored in a CRM, ad interactions stored in our ad platform, web interactions stored in our web analytics tools, and the list goes on. While we can say we understand the stages of the customer journey due to these activities, we’ve learned that all this valuable information still lives in different tools and systems. Which begs the question, have marketers ever actually had a single source of truth?

Finding the truth

As usual, Salesforce to the rescue. Salesforce has actualized the Customer Data Platform concept into a tool that marketers can leverage. Customer 360 Audiences, now much more than just the idea of unified information, is a customer data platform that connects various tools and sources of data together. This platform makes actionable insights out of the data that marketers have been capturing and storing. Ultimately, the goal of Customer 360 Audiences is to:

  • Unite data from team sources like sales, marketing, and service. 
  • Integrate behavioral data from known and anonymous interactions.
  • Segment data for marketing, advertising, and personalization, across all channels.
  • Activate data and put it to work.
  • Manage consumer and data consent through governance tools built right into the platform.
  • Analyze engagement data across channels to better understand and predict your customers needs.

With the capabilities of Customer 360 Audiences and the power of Interaction Studio, this means a customer experience that is tailored in real time is possible. In response to new information or interactions, marketers gain the ability to adjust the rest of their customer journey based on behavioral predictions.


Silverline can help you get more out of your Salesforce platform and gain better insights into your customers. Reach out today to get started.


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