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What Are the Different Types of Salesforce User Licenses?

By 02.12.20
Reading time: 2 minutes

When it comes to Salesforce user licenses, things can feel overwhelming. In an effort to clear the fog, we’ve outlined the most common license types and what type of access they grant. 

Salesforce User License Types



Full access to standard CRM and functionality. Often discussed in terms of clouds (i.e., Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, etc.), these licenses give users access to Salesforce’s standard functionality for that cloud. For example, a Sales Cloud license will include access to Leads, Opportunities, and Forecasts.

Salesforce Platform

Access to custom apps but not to standard CRM functionality, such as Leads, Opportunities, Forecasts, Cases, and Solutions. Users will be able to see accounts and contacts and also use report and dashboard functionality. – One App

Not available for new customers, this is designed for users who need access to one custom app but not to standard CRM functionality. App Subscription

Access to a Light App or Enterprise App, neither of which include CRM functionality.

Knowledge Only User

Access to the Salesforce Knowledge app only.


Access to Identity features such as the App Launcher, included with all paid user licenses in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions.

Chatter Free

Access standard Chatter people, profiles, groups, and files without a Salesforce license at no additional cost.


Allows your clients access to Chatter groups at no additional cost.

Customer Community / Customer Community Login

The customer community licenses come in two flavors: per user or pooled logins. With per user licenses, you are assigning a license to each community user and they can log in as often as they would like. With pooled logins, you are paying for the number of unique logins per month, which can be better for customers who do not log in routinely.

Einstein Analytics Platform

Access to Einstein Analytics Studio (formerly Wave). If you are also looking to use Einstein Discovery for predictive modeling, you will want to ask about Einstein Analytics Plus licenses. A user only needs one or the other.


This license will provide access to myTrailhead, allowing you to build out learning content just like that on Trailhead.

Lightning Platform – One App

Access to a single Lightning app excluding CRM functionality.

Lightning Platform – App Subscription

Access to up to 10 custom objects and tabs — excluding CRM functionality.

Sales Productivity Bundle

Bundling of Sales Cloud, Sales Cloud Einstein, Quip, and MyTrailhead.

Employee Experience Platform

Bundling of Lightning Platform Plus, MyTrailhead, and Quip.


There are additional user licenses, feature licenses, and permission set licenses available that expose specific add-on functionality.


Want to learn more about which user licenses are right for your business? Get in touch.

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