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May the (Sales)Force be with You! 3 Reasons You Need Jedi-Quality Support

By 10.14.19
Reading time: 3 minutes

Star Wars is debatably the best example of a saga that bridges the genres of fantasy and Sci-Fi. It takes place a long time ago (fantasy)… in a galaxy far, far away (Sci-Fi). The movies employ spaceships and weapons (Sci-Fi), but it also uses the magical force which pulses throughout the universe waiting to be channelled (fantasy).

Similarly, the majority of the Salesforce ecosystem exists at the intersection of people and technology, as well as the real and the imagined. Living in the intersection makes it difficult to find people able to master both the personal and the tech side of things, but when you group a bunch of these people together, they can create situations that seem, well… almost magical.

Sharing the art of mastery and learning

“Always pass on what you have learned.” -Yoda

Jedis were taught through individual mentors, like Yoda, as well as through structured Academies held at temples where force-sensitive people were taught together from a young age. As a generalization, members of the dark side only appear to have mentors if they already have power, and institutions that spread the knowledge of the Jedi ways were frequently targeted for destruction.

We also believe in training through group classes as well as individual mentors. The Silverline Academy was founded to train young professionals with limited Salesforce knowledge but great potential in the ways of healthcare and financial services consulting. The ultimate goal of the Academy is to help young Jedis become wizards at Salesforce. Because they see potential in each Jedi, Silverline invests in passing on the way of the (Sales)Force to new people in the industry rather than only hiring experienced workers.

(And fortunately for me, Silverline Academy 7—or SA7 for short—appears to have circumvented any Kylo incidents.)

Developing a healthy fear of clones

Duplicate data, duplicate processes, duplicate safeguards… you name it, we hate it. Even in running tests, we need a little bit of color in our coverage. Silverline takes particular care to ensure the damaging “clones” of our industry don’t slow down our clients’ business.

We aren’t just satisfied in sending hundreds of drones in the same direction. Take our approach to Quality Assurance, for example: We need to make sure that our force fields work on all sides. Cloned processes aren’t just clutter, they can make your Org hard to manage and can cause you to run into system limitations. Cloned data isn’t just annoying — waiting to clean up the cause results in more clones to clean and can lead to chaos for your users. Luckily for you, we’ve seen this all before, and we know the droids we are targeting.

Managed services help you remain adaptive and agile

“Remember, concentrate on the moment.” -Qui-Gon Jinn

The Death Star was clearly using waterfall methodology in its project management approach. No value would be delivered until it was running and planets could be destroyed at the whims of Vader.

Sometimes, a long-term plan is necessary, but unlike the Empire, Silverline helps protect your organization against weaknesses (and would advise you to build your air duct somewhere else). The Empire did not appear to test for vulnerabilities along the way like we do.

Silverline folks are much more comparable to the rebellion as we are constantly dodging unforeseen issues and pivoting to take advantage of any new findings. We are opportunistic, resourceful, and focused. We understand the impact of having clean, efficient, and secure Orgs, and we invite you to join in our mission.


Ready to learn more about how Silverline can help you achieve success through Salesforce acceleration and innovation? Our Jedis are standing by.

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