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Slack Launches New Industry Solutions with Global Consulting Partners

By 09.15.22
Reading time: 2 minutes

As digital transformation continues to accelerate, companies are looking for solutions to help them boost productivity, improve connection and collaboration, and automate work in a digital-first world. 

Every company, small and large, can benefit from a digital platform that breaks silos to connect people, tools and customers — what we call a digital HQ. But digital transformation isn’t a simple process. It requires expertise and a high-level understanding of the trends affecting businesses and workers in order to build an approach that covers all the bases: technology integration, change management, and operational transformation. 

That’s why Slack and Salesforce are working with consulting partners to launch the first wave of Slack Partner Industry Solutions. 

Earlier this year, Slack announced the growth of its global consulting partner ecosystem. And as the market continues to adopt Slack, partners like Silverline have invested in building solutions to solve specific industry customer needs — enabling Slack to be more seamlessly integrated into their ways of working. Starting today, there are even more solutions and services available to help Slack and Salesforce customers make the most of their digital tools.

Industry-specific solutions to bring your digital HQ to life

Looking for a more personalized solution that takes your industry’s unique attributes to heart? You’re in luck. Silverline customers will benefit from best-in-class technologies from Slack and Salesforce’s Customer 360 coupled with helpful services from a Slack-certified partner — including advisory, strategy, organizational transformation and change management. The result? You’ll finally be able to break free from data silos that keep your organization from collaborating productively in a work-from-anywhere world. 

You’ll get a detailed framework from our industry experts to create a digital HQ that helps solve industry-specific challenges – like intelligent case swarming for lapsing insurance policies, predicting customer churn for wealth management, transforming contact centers for healthcare providers, or boosting advertisement sales among media businesses.

“The world’s largest and most influential consultancies have recognized that every customer needs a digital HQ,” says Richard Hasslacher, VP, Slack enterprise and GTM alliances. “Slack and Salesforce are a key enabler to make that happen. Having these partners engaged and primed to deliver these industry solutions is a big step in our ability to bring the digital HQ to market.”

Certified Slack consultants for every industry need

Successful Slack engagements have one thing in common: the introduction of fast, efficient processes that elevate productivity and encourage employees to collaborate more effectively.

“There are many businesses using Salesforce that haven’t yet realized how valuable Slack is to their digital transformation plans,” says Tyler Prince, EVP, Worldwide Alliances & Channels, Salesforce. “Our partners have the opportunity to deliver best-in-class technology from Slack and Salesforce to thousands of organizations — with features that are customized for their unique business needs.”

“The last year of Slack development has introduced exciting new opportunities for innovation,” said Jill Harrison, Silverline’s Managing Director, Capital Markets. “As we work with clients eager to realize productivity gains, it’s clear our industry-first playbooks will help firms imagine how they can integrate their Salesforce apps with lightweight Slack workflows. I’m really excited to delve into this topic further at my Dreamforce session with Eldridge’s Steven Siler: ‘How Investment Firms Cut Meetings by 50% with a Digital HQ’.”

Want to learn more about the impact of using Slack and Salesforce together? Our team can help.

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