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Create a Social Intranet With Embedded Content Your Employees Will Love

By 06.30.14
Reading time: 2 minutes

From sneakers to sandwich orders, we’re living in a world where anything can easily be customized to fit your wants and needs. The team at Silverline believes that business applications should be the same. That’s why we built our social intranet app, The WaterCooler, with customization top of mind.

Everyday I help The WaterCooler customers design an intranet to fit their business needs. The app has a Widget Library that helps admins easily create content. One of my favorite widgets is the Embedded Content Widget. Just like the name says, it allows you to embed content directly in The WaterCooler interface. Here are my top picks for embedded content your employees will love:

  • Wisp – This tool allows you to create a seat map for your office. You can then embed the map in each user profile, helping employees quickly find the location of a colleague’s desk.

  • Box – Embed this tool to quickly and securely share documents with people outside of your organization.

  • Videos – From webinars and how-to videos to company announcements, videos are easily embedded in the intranet interface. This prevents employees from wasting time searching for videos on external channels.

  • Twitter – Add a Twitter feed to your intranet and give employees easy access to accounts important to your business. Whether the Twitter feed is an industry specific account, general news account, your company’s corporate account, or your CEO’s individual account, embedding the feed in your intranet encourages employees to interact with thought leaders.

  • Weather – Give employees the ability to quickly glance at the forecast and better plan for their week.

  • Stock Ticker – Keep a close watch on the market directly from your intranet interface.

  • FlickrSLiDR – Adding pictures to your intranet keeps the layout interesting and helps with user adoption. This tool lets you embed the classic Flickr slideshow in an intranet page.

The WaterCooler also supports iframe code, making the possibilities endless when it comes to embedding content in your intranet!

To learn more about The WaterCooler, click below to download a 1-page information sheet.

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