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Create Robust Salesforce Calendars with CalendarAnything

By 08.06.15
Reading time: < 1 minute

CalendarAnything is the #1 calendar app on the AppExchange. It allows users to create robust Salesforce calendars from any standard or custom Salesforce object. CalendarAnything’s customizable design makes it a great fit for a variety of uses cases. The app’s intuitive approach to viewing date-oriented information increases user efficiency. It eliminates the need for external calendars and planning documents and increases overall Salesforce adoption. With CalendarAnything, users have one central location to track schedules, opportunities, projects, campaigns, and much more!

In addition to viewing calendars directly on the application, you can embed calendars into workflows and page layouts, allowing you to present record-specific, dynamic calendars for better decision making. You can also share calendars with your team for a more collaborative Salesforce user experience while maintaining predefined security permissions. Click the video above to watch me demo the app.

Want to take CalendarAnything for a test drive? Click here to try it out!

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