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Salesforce Project Tracking

with CalendarAnything

Projects don’t have to be complex to have plenty of moving parts. Even with small teams, you’re likely working across multiple stakeholders and departments to achieve your business goals.

Visualizing planned and in-process projects doesn’t have to be one massive, scary-looking spreadsheet. CalendarAnything makes it easy to understand important to-dos, track performance and milestones, and stay organized. Everything is completely customizable to meet your Salesforce project tracking and resource management needs.

CalendarAnything Calendar Illustration

Visualize projects, deadlines, and more

All your active projects in one place.

You choose how you want to manage projects. Assign team members or resources, add scheduling for meetings, or set deadlines. Drill down and see projects for specific service lines, by geography, by goal, or any data point you set from the project record.

Teammates review

Get project status updates at-a-glance

Gantt chart capabilities make it easy to see project progress and status right away. Color-code projects by business line, goal, or status so you can easily see how you’re doing, or enable filter sets to slice and dice the data to deliver exactly what your teams need.

Team Meeting and Planning

Resource management and allocation

Without a 360-degree-view, it’s impossible to be efficient and effective in the management of your team and their time. Learn how you can view allocated and unallocated resources, skillsets and their availability all in one place. CalendarAnything Drag and Drop functionality makes resource reallocation and project tracking easier than ever.

Crowded Crowd

That’s the CalendarAnything advantage.Project management made easy

These are just some of the calendar views that can be used for project management, but with CalendarAnything, the possibilities are limitless. You can visualize any custom or standard field in CalendarAnything as long as that data is housed within Salesforce.

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