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Modernizing Memira Eyecenter’s scheduling tool for at-a-glance patient booking

Memira Eyecenter is the leader in eye laser and lens replacement in Scandinavia and the Netherlands. The company helps customers experience increased freedom without glasses or contacts. With more than 60 locations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands, Memira is the Nordic region's leading chain in refractive surgery. It is growing in eye care and optical retail to become a complete vision and eye health center, with a focus on cataract surgery.

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Seeking an improved system to organize patient bookings

As a busy eye care clinic with multiple locations, Memira’s customer service team and clinics needed a tool that would let their customers easily schedule and book appointments for eye examinations.

Memira’s customer agents were using an outdated, standalone electronic medical records (EMR) sales application to schedule appointments. The tedious process could not provide the reliable data and insights agents required for patient scheduling. Memira also needed a better way to plan its staffing and resources for appointments. 

Implementing an integrated, data-driven appointment tool 

Memira worked with Silverline to evaluate Salesforce options for managing the booking of its customers and implemented CalendarAnything. 

Memira appreciated how easily CalendarAnything works with Salesforce, where the end-user doesn’t even realize they are using a managed package downloaded from the AppExchange. CalendarAnything has been especially useful for the data tracking and reporting of available appointment time slots.

“We are much more data-driven,” said Staffan Westin, Memira’s CIO/CDO, who is responsible for defining and executing the organization’s comprehensive digital transformation. “A big benefit is that we can easily do reporting inside Salesforce or with our analytic tools to understand where we need to optimize resource usage and schedules.” 

Saving time and resources with streamlined patient scheduling

Memira’s customer team has found it helpful to see everything they need to know at-a-glance in one view in CalendarAnything. These are some key benefits:

  • The flexibility to colorize different scheduling items and filter them by variables keeps the many scheduling details organized. 
  • For each customer, several booking types need to be available. CalendarAnything offers a funnel approach for scheduling both the first visit and ensuring slots are available for subsequent visits based on the customer’s past history and current needs. 
  • Custom CalendarAnything functions for booking and cloning schedules that have saved the team time and resources. 
  • Multiple options for users to work individually on calendar views, filters etc
  • As integrated part of Salesforce, easy to offer customers self-service functions and integrate to partner booking portals

Memira has been successfully using the streamlined CalendarAnything system for a year and a half, and is continuing to work with Silverline to evolve it even further. They have recently upgraded to CalendarAnything Lightning, enabling them to take advantage of features exclusive to the Salesforce Lightning platform, like new export options and a redesigned wizard for creating calendars.

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