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Extend nCino capabilities to Financial Services Cloud and use AI in your favor

McKinsey estimates the total annual value of AI and analytics for the global banking industry could reach as high as 1 trillion dollars. How much of that $1 trillion could you capture if you could get one additional product per customer with AI-powered selling?

Watch this webinar to hear from guest speaker Matt Berthold, COO Westfield Bank and learn how leading financial services institutions extend nCino capabilities to have a single point of access and a 360º view of customers to enhance the relationship, provide personalized service, increase wallet share, and more. Understand how in addition to extending your nCino capabilities, you can use Einstein as an ally for your Relationship Managers to discover new opportunities with whitespace analysis or identify the likelihood to convert for new leads.

Key Highlights:

  • Extend your 360º view of the customer to enhance relationships, personalize service and increase wallet share.
  • Convert your best leads based on a propensity to buy profile
  • Increase your lending portfolio with whitespace analysis


  • JP Owens, Managing Director Banking & Lending at Silverline
  • Steve Hatheway, Financial Services Account Executive, Partner Solutions at Salesforce
  • Matt Berthold, COO at Westfield Bank
  • Brittany Thornton, Analytics Specialist at Salesforce

Watch the Webinar Recording

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