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Choosing Silverline Navigator Over an In-House Specialist

By 07.10.18
Reading time: 2 minutes

The real benefit of partnering with Silverline Navigator over an In-House Specialist is all about the numbers!  An In-House Specialist is just that…it is one person. A Navigator engagement gives you access to a full array of dedicated experts on an as-needed basis.  The second number comes into play with the total cost savings represented by the ala carte team that can be custom built to service the needs of the Navigator client vs. directly hiring an internal team of experts.  The Navigator engagement expense can be planned in advance, scaled up or down quarter to quarter, and is a true extension of the client workforce.

There is power in numbers!  For roughly the cost of one In-House Specialist, the Navigator client can fill your bench with tenured Salesforce experts that fill the need at the right time, the right place, and will accomplish the goals of the organization in the right way.  This “bench of experts” is fully capable of advising clients and driving for optimization of the entire platform and extensions into the Salesforce ecosystem. Instead of having the guidance and expertise of one person, the Navigator client receives the benefit of many.

This collaboration is not dependent on one person. It is not affected by unplanned absences.  It is not limited in scope by the capability and bandwidth of one. The Navigator engagement brings a focused and dedicated team of resources to the table and works to build a trusted and valuable partnership.  The most important question really is: would you rather have one person behind your investment in the Salesforce platform or a whole team working diligently to drive the return on that investment?

The Silverline Navigator offering provides a partnership with your team to provide continuous application enhancements as well as application maintenance and support to solve ongoing critical business issues and streamline business process. Learn why Silverline Navigator is the best partnership for your organization and then contact us to start realizing the full value of your Salesforce investment.

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