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6 Ways Salesforce Communities Will Transform Your Business

By 08.12.14
Reading time: 2 minutes

Clients now expect 24/7 access to important information in a secure, responsive, mobile-friendly online environment. To provide constant coverage, your firm doesn’t need an around the clock service team.

There is a better way to provide client information and generate collaboration between employees, customers, and advocates using Salesforce communities. So, what are some ways a Salesforce community can benefit your business?

1. Strengthen Relationships: Once you have communities up and running, the collaboration between employees and customers will increase exponentially. Not only will these conversations happen in real time, your firm will be able to collect immediate feedback from their most influential and core audiences. The more interactions within a community, the more opportunities to build and strengthen relationships.

2. Provide Stellar Service: Your community of customers will be able to help each other and themselves, enabling your service teams to concentrate on the big issues. Your support staff will be able to easily interact with your customers providing support, and you can provide high-touch communities for premium customers.

3. Increase Sales: With all of your client feedback, information, and contributions in one place, sales teams can leverage that content to generate new, relevant upsell opportunities.

4. Gain Peace of Mind: has built in robust security and identity management that protects the information collected and distributed in a community.

5. Decrease operational costs: Communities allow customers and employees to collaborate on business objects like accounts, opportunities, and campaigns. Any customizations that have been built into your Salesforce Org can be exposed in communities just like the standard objects can. When multiple departments work together, communication becomes streamlined, enabling all departments to become more cost-effective and productive.

6. Drive Innovation: Using communities will change the way customers and leads view your company to one that is tech-first and extremely “relevant-to-the-times.” This will enable you to attract more tech savvy clients and reach out to a younger demographic, one who expects all their information available in this format.

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