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Advice from a Salesforce MVP: 7 Steps to Make the Most of Dreamforce

By 10.17.19
Reading time: 3 minutes

As a Salesforce MVP, I’ve had my fair share of Salesforce events. I’ve attended 30+ Community events, including Dreamforce, and I’m a 6x (soon to be 7x) Dreamforce speaker.

Dreamforce is my favorite week of the year and this year will be my fifth consecutive year attending. I can’t believe the awesomeness we have to look forward to at Dreamforce ‘19. Each year surprises me and the colossal amount of available experiences is often overwhelming. I recommend the following to level up from Dreamforce attendee to Dreamforce expert.

1.  Pick 2-3 sessions you want to attend each day

Select only one that is a must-attend each day and build your day around it. If you think all sessions are must attend you will overbook yourself and miss out on other opportunities. At my first Dreamforce I planned for five sessions a day and after day two my brain was on overload.

2.  Select one session that is not related directly to your current job/role

Dreamforce is one of the best learning events and offers diverse sessions created by individuals passionate about their session topic. You will surprise yourself by seeing how you can actually apply the content you learn. It may spark a new journey and possibly a career shift. 

3.  Connect with speakers! 

If you attend someone’s session and love it, reach out on Twitter or Linkedin. I’ve spoken six times at Dreamforce and enjoy engaging in conversations with my session attendees after. We all continue to learn together after Dreamforce.

Advice from a Salesforce MVP: 7 Steps to Make the Most of Dreamforce 2

4.  Get Hands-On! 

There are hands-on sessions and hands-on challenges. There is no better place to try something you haven’t done before because you will be surrounded by experts who will help you. Plus, you could earn some awesome swag. The stuffed Astro is a great reward. Swag aside, each opportunity you’re given widens your ability to solve problems on the platform.

Advice from a Salesforce MVP: 7 Steps to Make the Most of Dreamforce 1

5.  Pick a party, any party

Yes, go out and have some fun. It’s San Francisco and the venues are some of the best for parties. My favorite is usually any party at SFMOMA. The anticipation for the Dreamfest band is almost as great as the concert itself. And that concert is usually a do not miss.

6.  Allow for some downtime 

It is an intense, full four days. Take a break, sit in the sun, or enjoy a restaurant in one of San Francisco’s neighborhoods away from the convention area. Or at least get coffee near Dreamforce. If your brain is tired it won’t be as open to all the new amazing ideas you will receive while at Dreamforce. 

7.  Lastly, bring at least two pairs of good shoes 

Because nothing ruins a Dreamforce experience more than bad shoes.

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The Best Places to Get Coffee Near Dreamforce 12

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