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Biotech and Pharma

Own the patient experience from start to finish.

The pharma model that worked for years won’t be sustainable for long. There are too many new external pressures and emerging opportunities with technology. Successful companies will embrace the change to transform their business while keeping the patient front and center in a completely compliant manner. Our industry knowledge and technical expertise can help companies navigate the opportunities before them.
Mike Knapp Director, Life Sciences

The intersection of deep industry and technology expertise

In a high risk, high reward industry, Biotech and Pharma companies have a significant balance to strike. While competing for price, access, and part of the patient experience, you also have to meet rising expectations in an increasingly consumer-centric ecosystem.


At its core, the Biotech and Pharma space exists to bring life-changing medicines to a highly regulated market. But today, the need to satisfy patients, providers, payers, regulatory agencies, and shareholders alike — while staying ahead of the competition — takes the right technologies at the right time. We have consultants with real experience in Biotech and Pharma… no learning curve required.

Trends impacting customer engagement in Biotech and Pharma

Several trends have emerged that Biotech and Pharma companies need to pay attention to in order to remain competitive, including:

  • The acquisition of companies or molecules by Pharma creates integration challenges
  • The rise of other stakeholders like specialty pharmacy and healthcare organizations that are also striving to engage the same patient
  • The continuous focus on how to bring medicines to market faster or fail sooner through better R&D approaches
  • Increased focus on reaching both patients and healthcare providers at the time and manner they want


We understand that Pharma and Biotech companies have different relationships

They have radically different stakeholders such as patients and caregivers, healthcare providers, insurers (payers) and pharmacy benefit managers, retail and specialty pharmacy providers, industry thought leaders, and advocacy groups. To benefit from these relationships in ways that are suited to your unique needs, we focus on solutions that help with the following:

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