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Salesforce Announces Marketing Cloud Growth to Empower SMBs

By 02.22.24
Reading time: 3 minutes

This week, Salesforce announced Marketing Cloud Growth, a new edition of Marketing Cloud aimed at small and medium B2B companies to drive growth efficiently with CRM, AI, and data. It is the first iteration of Marketing Cloud built on the Einstein 1 platform, enabling marketers to reach customers faster with trusted data and AI. 

“Marketers want to use AI to fuel creativity, drive efficiency, and grow their business, but often lack the necessary data for accurate, trustworthy results,” said Steve Hammond, Salesforce EVP and GM, Marketing Cloud. “By bringing CRM, AI, and data together in one place, these innovations empower businesses to deliver the compelling connected experiences customers expect.” 

By tapping into the power of Data Cloud and generative AI directly within their workflows, organizations can connect multi-channel marketing with sales, service, and commerce — all on one platform. Businesses with Sales or Service Enterprise Editions or above can get started with Data Cloud at no cost, gaining the trusted first-party data they need to leverage AI to create more personalized customer experiences. You can see Marketing Cloud Growth in action by watching this demo video, and keep reading to learn more about the platform. 

Marketing Cloud Growth capabilities 

Comply with privacy regulations

Marketing Cloud Growth’s consent management tools ensure compliance with privacy and consent regulations that apply to your business. Collect and track consent data by creating custom subscriptions or using the default marketing communication subscription. Make it easy for email subscribers to manage their communication preferences with a built-in email preference page. 

Target audiences

Targeting the right audience is the key to a successful campaign, and you can reach your ideal audience members by filtering Data Cloud data into segments. Before you start using segments, make sure a Data Cloud admin or data analyst has configured incoming data streams and defined the reconciliation rules that manage harmonization across records.

Manage marketing efforts with campaigns

A centralized campaign hub empowers you to accelerate your marketing efforts by designing and automating your content. Whether you’re creating a single piece of content or a more comprehensive customer experience, Marketing Cloud Growth’s templated campaign options simplify the process.

Manage content

Create and store all the content you need (email templates, landing pages, and forms) to support your marketing efforts. The Content tab allows you to organize content in workspaces and folders, and you gain a consistent editing environment for creating and editing a wide variety of marketing-specific content types. 

Measure success 

Monitoring performance and reporting on your successes are a significant part of a marketer’s job. Use Data Cloud reports in the Analytics tab to check in on your email and SMS campaign performance. More details on these email engagement dashboards will be revealed soon.

Automate with the power of Flow

Flow is the engine behind the scenes that will power the automations within Marketing Cloud Growth edition, including email sends and SMS sends. This is similar to tools that Salesforce marketers are already using (Journey Builder in Marketing Cloud and Engagement Studio in Account Engagement), but Marketing Cloud Growth has a streamlined interface to instruct Flow what to do without dealing with all the more complex elements.

Transform marketing processes with Einstein AI tools

Einstein’s predictive and generative AI tools are built into Marketing Cloud Growth, helping you improve work outcomes and day-to-day productivity.

  • Einstein Co-Create: This generative AI feature drafts marketing materials based on conversational prompts provided by a marketer.
  • Einstein Metrics Guard: This predictive AI feature filters out opens and clicks from standard engagement reports. 
  • Einstein Send-Time Optimization: This predictive AI feature identifies the ideal time to send an email based on individual recipients’ email engagement history and delivers emails at that time.
  • Einstein Segment Creation: Simplify segment creation by leveraging generative AI prompts that assist marketers with creating specific audience segments in Data Cloud.
  • Einstein Engagement Scoring Rule Builder: Track how engaged customers are with a score that increases depending on site visits, email clicks, and other interactions. 

Marketing Cloud Growth pricing and limits 

Marketing Cloud Growth will initially be available in the United States and Canada, with plans to expand to EMEA at the end of the year and more regions to follow. Pricing starts at $18,000 per org per year and includes:

  • 180,000 email sends/org/year (add on email sends at an additional cost)
  • 10,000 unified profiles via Data Cloud
  • 10,000 activation and segmentation credits to use with Data Cloud
  • Add on SMS priced at $10 per 1000 sends

Depending on your organization’s needs, you can easily purchase additional credits for any of the above. 

Reach out to our Marketing Cloud team to learn more about how Marketing Cloud Growth can evolve your marketing efforts.

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