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Manage digital and traditional advertising sales planning, execution, and measurement — all on one platform.

Silverline Media Ad Sales Solution

The Silverline Media Ad Sales Solution powered by Salesforce Media Cloud is designed to get your business up and running on Salesforce faster. Built on Salesforce Media Cloud’s media-rich data model foundation, our pre-built configurable package accelerates your time to value with centralized ad sales, campaign execution, and reporting designed specifically for broadcast, print, digital, and more.

As the media landscape continues to evolve, today’s ad sales and operations teams have to navigate challenges from the convergence of media organizations through M&A to the increased demand for data-based decision making. Relying on disparate and legacy systems, siloed data and teams, and a lack of unified reporting to sell, deliver, and grow your revenue is a battle. The Silverline Media Ad Sales Solution is future proofing your business to ensure you have a scalable upgradable path as you move along your Salesforce journey.

Accelerator Components

The Silverline Media Ad Sales Solution is specifically designed around a standard ad sales process. Only Ad Sales Accelerators created on Media Cloud allow you to drive a faster time to value from the investment by bringing cross-channel planning and execution, automated client reporting, and campaign optimization together on a single platform. Our accelerator components include:

Transform the way advertising is purchased with self-service

How can your media organization unleash its inventory without having to increase sales staff or working hours? With a media self-service portal, you can do just this. Sell 24/7, speed up the sales cycle, and reduce the administrative burden on your team — freeing them up for more important tasks.

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Transforming ad sales in the changing media industry

Our new eBook, created in collaboration with Slack, will show you how to orchestrate productivity through connection, a crawl, walk, run journey to transformation, and media-specific use cases of Slack technology.

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Slack Media eBook

Custom Salesforce solutions for your business help grow revenue through customer engagement

Media and entertainment companies can leverage the Silverline Media Ad Sales Solution to rapidly design, launch, and monetize media experiences from anywhere by unifying the customer experience across channels and lines of business.

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