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Silverline is a Salesforce partner and consultancy firm that helps insurance companies improve the client experience.

Both carriers and agencies are making major moves to meet increasing customer expectations

Insurance customers don’t want to deal with a long process to get a new insurance quote or having to explain a claim to one service agent after another, relaying the same details over again. Insurance companies who want to compete in the market must make better use of technology to improve the customer journey from quote to policy administration to claims management. 

Frequently the effort to produce a 360-degree view of policyholders is stymied by siloed data and systems that aren’t connected. To provide a seamless and efficient policyholder experience, insurance systems need to talk to each other. Systems must be able to store, share, and make use of the same data. And that data needs to flow from the initial collection of information, through underwriting, to policy administration, to claims — which reduces cost, complexity, and opportunity for errors. 

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Silverline understands this landscape

We’ve developed a strong core of consultants with experience working in Property & Casualty and Life & Annuity for both personal and commercial lines. This deep industry knowledge paired with proven Salesforce expertise positions us to best help your company increase productivity, manage pipelines, drive renewals, target cross-sell opportunities, and close more business.

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Everest Group PEAK Matrix® for Salesforce Services in Insurance 2022

We’re honored to be placed as one of the leading partners in the implementation and maintenance of insurers’ Salesforce technology ecosystems. The Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022 highlights and positions only the best providers and technology vendors in this particular area.

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Where to start with Salesforce for Insurance

Navigating your options can feel like a daunting task, and sometimes you’re not ready for a total digital transformation all at once. Migrating or upgrading to Salesforce for Insurance doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing transformation. Check out this page where we guide you through your options based on specific challenges and objectives to help you choose the best place to start.

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Where to start with Salesforce for Insurance

Salesforce insurance solutions from Silverline

Our offerings

Agent engagement and experience

Recruiting, onboarding, and retaining agents is critical to successful distribution no matter if you operate in a captive or non-captive model. Many carriers rely on traditional paper-heavy processes powered by hand-written applications, faxes, and data entry to drive agent onboarding. Those manual processes often increase the time (sometimes by weeks) before an agent can begin writing policies. Carriers must focus on simplifying and streamlining their onboarding process to get new agents selling as quickly as possible.

Agent engagement doesn’t stop once they are appointed. Our approach leverages the data collected through agent activity, along with an agent community and marketing automation to guide new agents to uncover opportunities to generate more business. Our offerings:

  • Provide self-service features for agent application and onboarding
  • Organize recruitment business processes and activities including ROI tracking for agent sourcing
  • Simplify document capture and data entry
  • Provide visibility and control over the onboarding process through powerful reports and dashboards
  • Drive results with personalized coaching and business insights for agents, including white-space opportunities and new product offers
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Policy Administration System and Claims on Salesforce by Vlocity

As a consulting company with real experience in the insurance industry and expertise in Salesforce, Silverline is uniquely positioned to deliver industry solutions that combine engagement layer capabilities like marketing automation, sales automation, and omni-channel service, with core Insurance capabilities from Vlocity like Quoting/Illustrations, Policy Print, Product Management, Underwriting, Commissions, Post Issue Transactions, Claims and Billing to achieve a complete business solution.

Combining best-in-class capabilities in one platform largely eliminates integration costs and maximizes speed to market. Silverline’s insurance expertise, Salesforce’s Clouds, coupled with Vlocity’s core insurance solutions is the team that provides this ideal partner mix for transformation.

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You don’t have to take our word for it.

I’m really glad we have Silverline as a consulting partner. One of the reasons why we chose Silverline is because of their focus on training, which ultimately set us up for the best situation out of the gate.
Adriana Costa Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator

Agency Management System Integration

Agency Management Systems are critical to the operations of insurance agencies and brokers clients, but agency management systems frequently fall short in delivering the unified customer experience that today’s insurance buyers expect. Leveraging the flexibility and scalability of the Salesforce platform, our Insurance services feature integration to common AMS platforms to enable an elevated policyholder experience and automate workflows to make agents more efficient. Our offerings:

  • Provide real-time information about the underwriting process and related activities
  • Push critical policy information to Salesforce to help automate renewals and other workflows
  • Update Salesforce users and clients alike with the status of their claims
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Policy Administration System Integration

Property and Casualty as well as Life and Annuity insurers depend on policy administration systems to execute core policy processes including rating, quoting, binding, issuing, endorsements, and renewals. A carrier’s PAS is critical as the system of record for all policies that they have written, but it is not the right tool to drive policyholder engagement and deliver the digital experience today’s insurance buyers and agencies expect. By integrating Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud with your existing PAS, a carrier can drive seamless customer experiences with 360° views of policyholders and instant access to relationships, coverage, claims, and activity data. Our offerings:

  • Give your agents a complete view of each policyholder to deliver personalized and relevant recommendations
  • Enable policyholders to communicate effortlessly with the right representative for sales, claims, or policy administration using the device and channel of their choice
  • Give the entire organization the tools to collaborate across lines of business with referral management, lead scoring, and policyholder insights
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Managed Services

Many Salesforce customers and consultants focus all of their energy on the initial configuration of the platform but haven’t considered their long-term strategies for continued wins. You might be asking yourself questions like:

  • Am I making improvements in value and efficiency throughout the client journey?
  • Should I be using AI and automation to decrease operating costs and provide better experiences due to shortened cycle times?
  • Am I adopting the right technology changes to keep up with the shift in consumer expectations to greater speed and convenience?
  • How do we manage change internally and externally?

Most of the hard work begins after go-live. At Silverline, we have years of experience helping our clients thrive after implementation. Learn more about how we can help drive ongoing, repeatable success for your Salesforce Org.

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Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

In order to meet the needs of every unique policyholder, agents and customer service reps need 360-degree views of each policyholder’s milestones, real-time insights and analytics to inform coverage recommendations, and out-of-the-box dashboards. Financial Services Cloud provides the immediate, inside look policyholders and insurers need most.

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Silverline Success Story: Travel Insured International

Reading time: 2 minutes

There are few things more stressful and complicated than a trip that is cut short or altogether canceled by an unexpected interruption. For the past 20 years, Travel Insured International has provided the highest quality travel protection and a world-class customer service experience to match. Travel Insured maintains relationships with...

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