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Retail Media Networks

Manage ad planning and execution across retail media.

Retail media offers a unique value proposition in the advertising landscape with the ability to influence consumers when they are close to making buying decisions, whether in-person or digitally. But as retailers build their media networks, planning processes are often not streamlined and different teams work on each of the retailer’s media types, resulting in data being siloed across the organization. This lack of system integration leads to numerous pain points, such as missed campaign deadlines or inaccurate advertising analytics.

Salesforce Media Cloud unifies multi-channel advertising offerings so that a brand’s journey can start with a digital promotion on the retailer’s website, transition to an in-store experience, and finish with an email newsletter. Our Salesforce experts work with retailers to give them a platform that makes it easy to seamlessly conduct revenue scheduling, forecasting, campaign management, and other activities across their entire network.

Retail Network

Sales Management

Our custom-built media sales applications enable Salesforce to provide the insights and visibility you need to improve sales, with transparency from the first contact to the insertion order. Giving your sales teams instant access to the information they need, such as pitched media plans and scheduled pipeline, means they are empowered to cross-sell and upsell the right products from one platform.

  • Streamline your sales and business development process to ensure you never miss a step
  • Manage agency, advertiser, and brand relationships with ease
  • View your weighted scheduled pipeline in a single interface, with the visibility for greater insights
Marketing Sales Management

Ad Operations

Imagine you could streamline the handoff from sales to ad operations and delivery teams to avoid costly mistakes and delivery issues. Our custom-built applications simplify the transition with automated workflow management to provide built-in alerts that mitigate risk at every stage of a campaign.

  • Streamline and automate the transition from sales to delivery
  • Avoid process errors with automation unique to your business
  • Quickly identify delivery issues to avoid costly mistakes
Ad Management


Our expert Salesforce consultants and developers help you get the most from your Salesforce investment with direct integrations to DSPs, SSPs, and other ad-serving platforms for end-to-end transparency. Complete your customer 360-degree view with real-time access to:

  • Sales and pipeline progress
  • Campaign delivery status
  • Finance and invoicing
Finance Charts

Beyond Ad Sales

Take your Salesforce investment to the next level with customized applications for employees, customers, partners, and resellers.

  • Provide employees with a central location to access content to support your customers
  • Help customers find the information they need anytime, from anywhere
  • Enhance your team’s collaboration with partners and resellers in a branded experience
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