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Salesforce Marketing Automation Services

Silverline helps you get the most value out of your marketing technology while enabling you to build a world-class team.

Creating an automated digital experience for your customers is not an easy task. With the average number of tools marketers have to use growing every year, this is becoming more and more challenging.

So how do you make sure you can keep up with these advancements in technology while making sure you are getting the highest value on your marketing dollars?

It takes a combination of teamwork and technical knowledge to be able to deliver on this. At Silverline, this is what we do best. We have a team of experts that have been in your shoes and understand your industry, your technology, and marketing. We will work with you to build a roadmap and value plan to help you focus on quick time to value along with building up your world-class team.


Silverline provides Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services across a multitude of different industry sectors. Our award-winning experts have been in your shoes — and they have the Salesforce know-how and experience working in your industry to help you achieve your targeted business outcomes.

Our Services

Whether you are implementing new technology or just trying to find out how to better utilize your current tools, we can help you every step of the way. Our services include new implementations, health checks of your existing products, new journeys, ongoing support, and more.

Meet Silverline’s Marketing Automation leaders

Prove it: ROI on Marketing Cloud

Our client Axcess Financial saw a 3x lift in originations with Marketing Cloud and Financial Services Cloud.

“Before we were very siloed. We had our retail customers and we had our online customers. Now we’re able to bridge the gap to view and understand a whole collective of customers. So it doesn’t matter if they’re retail or online anymore. We can holistically cover everyone versus breaking down into those silos.”

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Why partner with Silverline on your Salesforce marketing automation journey?

We have 10+ years of experience specializing in Salesforce technologies with practices dedicated to financial services, healthcare, and media and entertainment. We bring a collaborative mentality to every project. At a glance, we provide:

  • Experience across Marketing Cloud suite of products: With over 75+ marketing automation engagements and over 70+ Marketing Cloud accreditations/certifications, we have the technical expertise to help with any situation
  • Unmatched industry expertise: We have Marketing Cloud experts that have been in your industry and know how to optimize your digital campaigns and help lead your next innovation
  • Cross-cloud experts: Experts across multiple clouds — including Financial Services Cloud, Health Cloud, Media Cloud, Experience Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and more — helping create connected experiences quickly and easily
  • World-class marketing team creation: We work directly with or on your team to help fill the skill gap. We want to make sure we are a seamless part of your team, making sure we are leveling up your team as we go.
  • Time to value acceleration: Our goal is to help you create a system that can transform the digital experience while making sure you can get value early and often along the way
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