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Marketing Cloud for Healthcare

Silverline helps healthcare companies provide a best-in-class engagement system for patients, payers, and providers

Silverline focuses on clinical outcomes to drive life-time value, loyalty, and exceptional patient experiences

In today’s modern healthcare ecosystem, patient expectations are higher than ever before. The goal for healthcare organizations is to meet these growing demands and deliver a seamless experience that helps patients easily manage care plans, improving and maintaining their health so they stay out of the emergency room and urgent care. But today’s healthcare marketer often struggles to deliver on the patient experience due to inadequate technology, disparate data, and disjointed teams.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides the ability to meet patients in the way that they want to be met, whether that’s an email address pulled from CDP or delivering a personalized web experience. Marketing Cloud identifies patients and prospects and uses that data to provide personalization and intelligence that engages them throughout the conversion funnel — ultimately providing a lifetime value of care.

Silverline understands the issues healthcare marketers are facing because our team consists of healthcare professionals who have walked in those shoes. Our diverse team combines over 60 years of expertise in both the healthcare industry and technology, and has over 20 years of experience developing marketing automation solutions.

Deliver personalized, relevant, and timely patient experiences with:

A customized multi-channel solution to better serve CareMount Medical patients and staff

CareMount Medical wanted a single source of truth — a solution that would streamline their processes, save both patients and staff valuable time, and simplify the patient journey. Silverline helped CareMount implement Marketing Cloud to help improve their patient experience and increase the operational efficiency for their team with a multichannel, personalized solution. Marketing Cloud helped communicate follow-up care reminders, preventative care outreach, and referrals.


Read the story.

From seed to growth

At Silverline, we understand that your digital transformation is a journey. Our approach begins with meeting each client where you’re at in your transformation. Looking at your current state, coupled with your organization’s future goals, we take a Seed to Growth Approach (STG)

Our STG approach begins with ensuring your foundation is strong and set up for scale. Through collaboration, we advise you on core and advanced use cases that help you optimize the technology you have, point you toward the technology you need to scale and deliver deeper, more robust advanced use cases, and support you through the complete transformation while ensuring time to value and measurable ROI at every phase. 

  • STEP 1


    Building a future-proof design that focuses on quick, easy access to data while allowing it to easily connect across channels. This is a critical point; if this is not done correctly, it can make it hard to transition to other phases.

    Key Points

    • Data Model
    • Data Movement
    • Privacy Strategy
    • Segmentation Strategy
    • Evergreen Journeys

  • STEP 2


    Building on a great foundation allows you to easily extend the current base by enabling more channels and data. This allows you to start to personalize at a larger scale across multiple touchpoints. At this stage, your data starts to accumulate relevance and you can also start using AI to help scale and optimize your campaigns.

    Key Points

    • Cross-Platform Personalization
    • Cross-Channel Journeys
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Increased Marketing Attribution

  • STEP 3


    This final stage is evergreen as you will always be adjusting to keep up with moving preferences. In this stage, all data is moving freely from all channels, and you are using AI to make real-time adjustments to campaigns at scale. Data should be more transparent at this point allowing you to optimize for customer preferences to push your ROI even further.

    Key Points

    • Empowerment
    • Ancillary Channels
    • AI Real-Time Optimized Campaigns
    • Transparent Funnel

Why choose Silverline?

The Silverline team has firsthand experience with the challenges facing healthcare marketers. We have a strong understanding of the successful strategies that get organizations from where they are today to where they want to be, because we have industry experts who have walked in your shoes at respectable healthcare organizations.

Silverline helps healthcare companies leverage their clinical, operational, marketing and third-party data to help you create a complete 360 view of your patients/members. We do this by automating processes, implementing critical tools like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and connecting with your other core systems, so you can act faster and more intelligently.

At a glance, we provide:

  • Experience across Marketing Cloud suite of products
  • Unmatched industry expertise 
  • Cross-cloud experts
  • World-class marketing team creation
  • Time to value acceleration

We’re ready to help.

Learn more about how Silverline’s healthcare team can accelerate your data.

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