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A Customized Multichannel Solution to Better Serve CareMount Medical Patients and Staff

CareMount Medical is the largest independent multi-specialty medical group in New York State, providing comprehensive medical care of the highest quality to over 640,000 patients in more than 45 locations. Founded in 1946 as Mount Kisco Medical Group, CareMount Medical has grown from six physicians to over 600 physicians and advanced practice professionals with over 40 specialties. CareMount Medical is affiliated with world-class organizations including Massachusetts General Hospital, Mount Sinai Health System, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. CareMount Medical wanted to improve their existing end-to-end patient experience. With appointment reminders, appointment confirmation messages, pre-registration paperwork and more, there was a lot of information being shared, but in silos. This caused frustration for both patient and provider, and raised an urgent need to reduce redundancies internally.

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Rather than place multiple calls to patients (e.g., to check whether a patient had already confirmed or updated an appointment), CareMount Medical wanted a single source of truth — a solution that would streamline the process and save both patients and staff valuable time and simplify the patient journey.

After agreeing on a phased approach for implementation, Silverline began with Marketing Cloud, Health Cloud, and a custom patient engagement center to help streamline CareMount’s processes.

Building better patient engagement: CRM + EHR

Silverline worked to ensure new solutions met CareMount Medical’s needs and integrated with existing technology, such as their established EHR.

One of CareMount Medical’s core tenets is providing superior access to services across specialties, so Silverline focused on improving visibility into key patient information for staff members interacting with patients. By establishing a holistic patient portal, CareMount Medical staff can enjoy a consistent experience across the board and easily ascertain the following for patients:

  • Demographics
  • Preferences and social determinants
  • Establish a holistic Patient Profile
  • Prior Calls, Communications, and Inquiries
  • Past Appointments
  • Gaps in Care

By quickly referencing past touchpoints, CareMount Medical staff can provide a more engaging, nuanced, and personal patient experience. And with all information accessible via the portal, leadership can develop insights into trends for a better understanding of organizational performance.

By adding Marketing Cloud into the mix, CareMount Medical can focus on improving patient communication. Silverline customized the CareMount Salesforce Org to help them:

  • Identify key personas in order to establish patient-specific journeys
  • Track patient communication across CareMount Medical in one place (i.e., clinical, non-clinical, and corporate messaging)
  • Provide more timely and relevant communications surrounding appointments, new patient registration, etc.
  • Align communication to the best medium for the patient (e.g., texting, email, phone calls, mail)
  • Integrate with existing applications such as Phreesia to prompt completion of paperwork, surveys, and more

Realized results: call volume decreased, revenue potential increased

Since implementation, Silverline’s work has helped CareMount Medical streamline their patient experience and increase the operational efficiency for their staff with a multichannel, personalized solution powered by the Salesforce Platform.

“What Salesforce has done for us is to bring together a holistic and consistent view of our patients. This transparent and single layer of data can be viewed seamlessly by our providers, call center, front desk staff, and most importantly, the patients themselves to ensure the best experience with CareMount,” said Nicholas Korchinski, Chief Information Officer for CareMount Medical and CareMount Health Solutions.

CareMount Medical estimates 12,000 Prescription Refill notifications are sent each week. Prior to Salesforce Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud integration, a lack of outbound communication forced patients to call the practice for a status. Roughly 20% of every prescription refill had at least one follow-up call. CareMount Medical now anticipates reducing roughly 125,000 calls from the practice annually.

Similarly, CareMount Medical sees 50,000 scheduled patient appointments each week. Successful delivery of new appointment notifications is anticipated to save 5% of patient calls related to acquiring appointment related information — an annual phone call reduction of close to 130,000 calls.

Timely delivery of appointment reminders on or before the scheduled day increases the likelihood of a kept appointment. CareMount Medical’s no-show rate is already 3% lower than the national average. The newly implemented solution will help to retain or improve the existing performance. CareMount Medical anticipates a no-show reduction of .25%, which will increase patient visits by an estimated 9,000 and include a potential increase in $2m in top-line revenue.

With the new solution in place, patients can automate the confirmation and calendering process for an appointment, in addition to saving time by completing pre-registration paperwork in advance of an appointment. In turn, CareMount Medical’s staff can avoid repeat or redundant phone calls and receive essential paperwork in advance from patients.

CareMount Medical is a leader in population health-based program, so it was a natural fit to utilize the platform for this purpose as well. Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud were used to communicate clinical care gaps and wellness messaging for patient compliance. Examples include follow-up care reminders, preventative care outreach, and referrals.

Learn more about our solutions for healthcare providers and download our free ebook: Silverline’s Provider Roadmap for Success on CRM.

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