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Intellectual Property Management and Content Licensing

Manage your IP and content licensing flows in one platform.

The media industry is rapidly evolving and the need to have a complete view into your business is critical.

Managing your media IP and content licensing flows from sales, legal/contracting, rights windows, and more is no exception. There are new challenges the industry is facing, including:

  • Siloed data leading to drawn out deal cycles
  • Managing opportunities in disparate XLS spreadsheets with version control issues
  • Lacking visibility into deal cycles, progress, and the complete view of an opportunity 
  • Shifting from territory deals to global deals
  • Outdated systems: the average legacy system used in Content Licensing Operations is 20 years old

Solutions for content licensing and IP management

Silverline can help eliminate reliance on disparate and legacy systems, streamline negotiations, close deals faster, and give you insight into opportunities and how they are progressing. We equip sales teams to sell smarter, from managing license opportunities and accelerating contract execution to invoicing and revenue collection. As content licensing and IP management becomes more complex, it’s impractical to manually manage licenses. Learn how automation with Salesforce can help with:

Content licensing and IP management success stories

Performance Rights Organization

The world’s top performance rights organization lacked a system to house and manage its incentive deals to members, and their manual processes were error prone with minimal visibility and reporting capabilities. Our solution provided a holistic view into activity and status throughout the deal and inquiry lifecycles, empowering them with an interface for key information into relevant systems.

Global Broadcaster

The global team at a large broadcaster needed visibility and the ability to take a deeper dive into their opportunities. Silverline was able to give them a 360-degree view into their business and not only see how their deals are progressing, but also see the conversations, agreement states, revenue, titles, and details involved.

Silverline Media and Entertainment

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