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The New Einstein 1 Platform: What You Need to Know

By 10.10.23
Reading time: 3 minutes

One of the major announcements at Dreamforce was the news that the new Einstein 1 Data Cloud natively integrates with the Einstein 1 Platform. Users can now connect any data to create a unified profile of their customer and infuse AI, automation, and analytics into every customer experience.

This is exciting news, but what does it really mean for organizations that are at various points in their Salesforce journey? Here we share the announcement details, considerations for using Einstein 1 Data Cloud at your company, and how Silverline can help you navigate this new Salesforce offering. 

What’s new with the Einstein 1 platform?

Salesforce Data Cloud and Einstein AI native are now native on the Einstein 1 Platform.

The Einstein 1 Platform allows companies to safely connect any data to build AI-powered apps with low code to deliver CRM experiences. It creates a unified view of your data across the enterprise regardless of how that data is structured in disparate systems by mapping it to the underlying Salesforce metadata framework.

What is Einstein 1 Data Cloud?

Salesforce Data Cloud unifies and harmonizes customer data, enterprise content, telemetry data, Slack conversations, and other structured and unstructured data to create a single view of the customer. Einstein 1 Data Cloud is natively integrated with the Einstein 1 Platform and allows companies to unlock siloed data and scale in entirely new ways, including:  

  • Data: The expansion of the Einstein 1 Platform supports thousands of metadata-enabled objects per customer, each capable of having trillions of rows. Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud have been re-engineered onto the Einstein 1 Platform.
  • Automation: Massive volumes of data can be brought into the Einstein 1 Platform from other systems and immediately made available as actionable Salesforce objects. Flows can be triggered by any change on any object at scale and interact with any enterprise system through MuleSoft.
  • Analytics: With the Einstein 1 Platform’s common metadata schema and access model, insights and analytics solutions such as Reports and Dashboards, Tableau, CRM Analytics, and Marketing Cloud Reports can work on the same data at scale. 

Salesforce announced that Enterprise Edition or above customers can use Data Cloud at no cost. Still, organizations should consider where they are on the Salesforce maturity curve before implementing the solution. While Data Cloud can handle millions of account records and connect multiple data sets, a trial version may not offer organizations the best possible way to optimize their data, especially if they are further along on their Salesforce journey. 

What is the Einstein conversational assistant?

Einstein now has a generative AI-powered conversational AI assistant that includes Einstein Copilot and Einstein Copilot Studio. These two capabilities operate within the Einstein Trust Layer – a secure AI architecture built natively into the Einstein 1 Platform that allows you to leverage generative AI while preserving data privacy and security standards.

Einstein Copilot is an out-of-the-box conversational AI assistant built into the user experience of every Salesforce application. Einstein Copilot drives productivity by assisting users within their flow of work, enabling them to ask questions in natural language and receive relevant and trustworthy answers grounded in secure proprietary company data from Data Cloud. 

With Einstein Copilot Studio, companies can build AI-powered apps with custom prompts, skills, and AI models. The tool could be used to auto-create websites based on personalized browsing history or turn natural language prompts into code. 

Why should organizations consider Einstein 1?

Customer data is highly fragmented and siloed in disparate systems in many organizations. Companies lack a unified view of their data across the enterprise, which is needed for business decision-making based on quality data.

AI is probably the biggest buzzword in tech right now. But organizations must remember that they can’t just jump on the AI bandwagon. You have to get all your data into the AI first so it can be trained to make the best decisions and recommendations. If you don’t have your data aligned or it’s siloed, then you are limited in what AI can do for you. 

That’s why Einstein 1 with Data Cloud should be your first step towards being an AI-centric organization. Because once you have all your data together, you can train your AI models to be able to work with that data going forward.

How can Silverline help with Einstein 1?

Silverline has the Salesforce experience and expertise in industries that lean heavily into data: healthcare, financial services, and media. The healthcare and financial services sectors have strict regulations around controlling, protecting, and securing data. The media industry often has data siloed in legacy systems or a middleware layer. 

Einstein 1 provides the solution for organizations to gain a 360 view of their customers by unifying and connecting their data. Silverline can help organizations maximize their AI on the Salesforce platform, starting with building a sound data foundation and providing a roadmap to scale into the future.

Find out how Silverline can transform your business with Salesforce.

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