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Salesforce Pardot

Optimize your marketing efforts to create awareness, build awareness, and drive sales

Why Pardot?

Successful companies today don’t just sell. Instead, they build communities around their products and services. To do this, companies need to make connections. Marketing finds and grows the connections. Sales closes them.

Pardot allows you to do this, all within a single Salesforce platform. Pardot is a fully integrated, complete marketing automation solution that connects you with customers and prospects, builds pipeline, and shortens sales cycles.

Pardot aligns sales and marketing to build and report on campaigns that accelerate revenue. Being part of the Salesforce platform, Pardot allows for faster integration and more manageable growth.

On average, Pardot customers have seen a 34% increase in sales and 37% increase in marketing effectiveness.


Sales and marketing synergy with Salesforce Pardot

Pardot arms your team with a collection of tools, including email, list management, forms, and landing pages, with the ability to connect and interact with social media, webinars, live events, and more. This collection allows for the flexibility to send one-off emails or design a multi-step, multi-tool webinar series.

Harnessing the power of Salesforce marketing automation

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM platform.  

A Customer 360 connection allows for robust tracking and measuring campaigns within Salesforce to measure marketing’s impact on business. Access Pardot data directly within Salesforce reports by enabling Engagement History, and see overall activity within relevant Accounts and Campaigns using Pardot dashboards.

Do more with connections within the Salesforce platform, including B2B Marketing Analytics and Salesforce Engage. With B2B Marketing Analytics, harmonize your marketing automation, sales, and service data to act on predictive insights. Salesforce Engage allows sales to connect with prospects and customers early, often, and effectively using marketing-approved content.

Empower Pardot and Salesforce

Silverline improved Stonebriar’s customer experience with Pardot

Silverline helped Stonebriar Commercial Finance build a new website fully integrated with Pardot. In utilizing best practices to create lists, templates, and landing pages, Stonebriar segmented, targeted, and remarketed customers to jumpstart their referral pipeline. Silverline also helped integrate social media channels, including Linkedin and Twitter, to expand and measure engagement and route new leads or opportunities to the appropriate teams.

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Why partner with Silverline on your Pardot journey?

Silverline is collaborative and brings 10+ years of experience specializing in Salesforce technologies, including Pardot. 

We build a tailored solution to fit your needs, including implementation, strategy, and managed services that drive value to your Salesforce platform. 

Leveraging best practices acquired through more than a thousand implementations, Silverline is a  team of professionals with profound, varying experiences in consulting and technical roles. We know Pardot, and we’re ready to combine your needs with the power of Salesforce marketing automation.

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