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Dreamforce 2019 Recap from an Integration Trailblazer

By 12.06.19
Reading time: 3 minutes

I attended Dreamforce this year with a focus on Integration sessions and MuleSoft-related announcements. As usual, Dreamforce did not disappoint.

Accelerators for Service Cloud and Commerce Cloud

At the Integration Keynote, I witnessed a few awesome announcements. MuleSoft has announced accelerators for Service and Commerce clouds. These accelerators are a set of integration templates, API specs, and best practices for integrating with these clouds. This should certainly help jump-start Service Cloud and Commerce Cloud projects and help customers realize value faster. Silverline has also developed its own accelerators, specifically for Financial Services Cloud, which helps organizations launch integrated experiences of Financial Services Cloud with their core system. This is relevant for banks, credit unions, and mortgage providers. 

Dreamforce Recap from an Integration Trailblazer

Clicks, not code

MuleSoft also announced incredible updates with the web-based flow designer so that developers and technology-savvy business users can build integrations in the future with clicks not code. It is great to see more investment and advancements in making the developer experience easier so developers can focus on providing more value to customers.

Dreamforce Recap from an Integration Trailblazer 1

API on Trailhead

MuleSoft then announced their pledge to skill-up integration developers over the next few years. This is an amazing time to be an integration developer because you can skill-up using proven and fun tools like Trailhead. An Integration Trailmix is available now for developers to start on that journey.

Dreamforce Recap from an Integration Trailblazer 2

Personal shout-outs

Lastly, the biggest highlight for me was that I got a shout-out by name from Lindsey Irvine, Chief Marketing Officer at MuleSoft, for being an Integration Trailblazer. 

Dreamforce Recap from an Integration Trailblazer 3

You can even spot me in the audience during the session.

Leading the efforts to expand Silverline’s MuleSoft capabilities and serving as a NYC MuleSoft Meetup co-lead has been a wonderful and rewarding experience in 2019. I cannot imagine what Silverline can achieve in 2020. You can read about my integration trailblazer experience here.

Leading API and MuleSoft sessions

This Dreamforce, for the first time in my five years in the Salesforce ecosystem, I presented three sessions. 

The first one was at the Developer Theater, and it focused on building and testing a CRM API.

Dreamforce Recap from an Integration Trailblazer 4

Two other sessions were at the MuleSoft Integration Theater and they highlighted common integration use cases. 

The first talk, Streamlining Loan Cycles with APIs and Financial Services Cloud, focused on leveraging the power of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and MuleSoft to accelerate your lead-to-loan cycles and embrace the digital-first lending future.

My last session, Painless Patient Referral Intake and Management using API Led and Health Cloud, focused on combining MuleSoft and Salesforce Health Cloud to consume referrals into work queues to be managed proactively.

Interested in the content of these sessions? Simply want to chat about other integration use cases? Please email me directly and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions.


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