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MuleSoft Consulting Services

Connect your data and build a scalable integration strategy.

The average organization uses 88 applications, with larger organizations using an average of 175 applications.

That gets unwieldy, fast. 

For companies trying to deliver a seamless customer experience, working with so many different systems creates disjointed, distributed  customer data. Employees interacting with customers often have to jump from system to system to access the data they need, or simply lack access to it at all. It’s impossible to create a customer-centric experience without the right data in place.

What organizations need is a way to easily and quickly connect these various systems. They also need a scalable strategy so that they can easily build new integrations as new systems are added to and subtracted from their tech stack.

Enter MuleSoft.

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Benefits of MuleSoft for your organization

Silverline’s MuleSoft solutions help organizations improve their agility and increase solution discovery and reuse — all while lowering their overall total cost of ownership of their integration and data landscape.

Why choose Silverline?

We’re a top MuleSoft strategic industry partner. Our deep understanding of industry business processes combined with our knowledge of Salesforce and data best practices ensures you will have a leg up on your competition — delivering the experiences your customers expect with reliable, compliant, and secure data.

We partner with you to:

  • Connect your critical ancillary systems to other applications
  • Launch fast and flexible digital experiences
  • Future proof your architecture with reusable APIs on top of your backend systems
  • Adhere to rigorous data compliance and security demands with 3 layers of APIs for additional control 
  • Gain actionable visibility with detailed insights, down to transactions   
  • Establish a Center for Enablement (C4E) and internally evangelize your solutions

MuleSoft Composer: A no-code integration tool anyone can use

In addition to helping your business with MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform, Silverline can help you with MuleSoft Composer. MuleSoft Composer is a no-code integration tool that makes it easy for anyone to build integrations using point-and-click Composer Flows. For businesses with relatively simple integration needs or few IT resources to pull on, Composer can be a great fit.

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Salesforce Consultant

Industry Specialization: 10+ years of experience in healthcare and financial services

With Silverline’s industry focus in financial services and healthcare, we have helped countless organizations connect their data and build a long-term data strategy to transform their customer experience.

Moving to the Modern Age: Global Bank Undergoes a Digital Transformation

It’s impossible to innovate without a holistic view of the customer journey. This top-tier global bank struggled to deliver the experience they knew their partners, prospects, and customers deserved. Silverline helped the firm identify their primary pain points and vision, creating a roadmap that included an API-led integration strategy using MuleSoft. Ultimately, the client gained a real-time integration between Salesforce, Financial Services Cloud, nCino, and their FIS Core, allowing them to innovate with speed and have a 360-degree view of all customer actions in real-time.

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Global Banks

Companies need to unlock back-end data for rapid development and innovation while enhancing governance and security. The API-led connectivity approach powered by MuleSoft is the best option for today’s data and integration challenges.
ERIC NELSON Platform Practice Director, Silverline

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