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The Benefits of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

By 10.28.20 What are the benefits of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud?
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Business today is all about relationships.

That’s nothing new. But how you go about managing and maintaining those relationships is completely different in today’s business world. If you want to build relationships with potential and existing customers, increase revenue, and deliver the right information at the right time, you need more than industry expertise — you need the right technology.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is the platform that can do it all for your financial services team. It’s a platform proven to provide real-time access to critical data, visibility into unique customer journeys, and meaningful insights at every stage of the customer lifecycle. 

It’s one less thing you have to worry about. 

Regardless of your place in the financial services industry, Financial Services Cloud (FSC) can help your business tackle any challenges it faces. 

Jump to your specific sector:

Banking and lending

Customers expect a more connected, intuitive experience from their financial institutions today. 

Banking and lending institutions compete on the basis of timely and relevant communications, insights, and access across all devices. With Financial Services Cloud, you can easily track and visualize customer relationships, source and prioritize referrals, streamline handoffs and coordination among key stakeholders, and provide visibility throughout banking and borrowing processes.

With FSC, banking and lending institutions can:

  • Adapt to regulatory changes in mortgages and consumer lending
  • Standardize next-level customer care for retail banking
  • Anticipate asks for member services based on the customer journey
  • Track and automate commercial lending progress
  • Meet regulatory demands on demand for commercial banking

Take Lake City Bank, Indiana’s oldest state-chartered bank. They had outgrown their legacy operating system and embarked on a multi-phased Salesforce and nCino implementation with a goal of increasing revenue. To give Lake City Bank the desired 360-degree view of their customers and drive operational efficiency, Silverline implemented FSC into an existing nCino org. 

“The biggest advantage of moving everything to Salesforce was the increased system flexibility and speed to market, along with the ability to make enhancements and adjust our program going forward,” said Jolene Howard, Vice President at Lake City Bank.

With new features and capabilities in place, Lake City Bank now has a platform they can build upon and continue to grow, rather than a rigid, outdated system with fixed functionality.

Capital markets

Financial Services Cloud helps capital markets firms operationalize and streamline their processes with powerful workflow tools. For instance, bankers can track deal and investment pipelines with powerful opportunity management features, while action plans help client services and investor relations teams onboard new clients. Relationship modeling capabilities help firms visualize their assets under management and provide a foundation for building custom solutions for investment banking, private equity, real estate, and more.

With FSC, capital markets firms can:

  • Meet strict security, compliance, and data regulatory requirements
  • Build a strong analytics program that delivers insights when you need it
  • Increase competitive advantage with AI

Stonebriar Commercial Finance, a privately held company that offers financing solutions to a wide variety of industries, faced plenty of competition as a new player in the space. Stonebriar had limited executive insight into their pipeline as well as the new lead qualification and loan origination opportunities for five major business platforms (General Equipment, Rail Leasing, Aviation, Sponsor Finance & Real Estate). 

Their processes were highly manual, requiring keying new opportunities into disparate systems for loans, leases, and post-book servicing. An outdated website with limited content management capabilities made it hard to foster a dynamic external marketing presence — and build relationships with existing and prospective customers.

Silverline customized Salesforce to fit Stonebriar needs — enriching opportunities with external data sources to calculate risk and portfolio exposure, track staffing requirements, build approvals for required credit, asset and funding tasks, and track underwriting progress. With Salesforce, Stonebriar implemented a robust CRM that reduced time for deal origination from 72 hours to 4, helping them increase their pipeline throughput of over 2x YOY in the first year and 2.5x from January 2018 to April 2019. 


Every policyholder is unique, and Financial Services Cloud helps insurance companies cater to those individualized needs. Agents and customer service reps can access 360-degree views of each policyholder’s milestones, as well as real-time insights and analytics to inform coverage recommendations, and out-of-the-box dashboards. Salesforce FSC provides the immediate, detailed look policyholders and insurers both benefit from.

With FSC, insurance companies gain:

  • PAS/AMS integration for a 360-degree customer view
  • Onboarding activity workflows
  • Pre- and post-transaction customer journeys
  • Next best offer

Our client, a leading life insurance carrier, lacked a single 360-degree view of their policyholders, which led to an overall negative customer experience. On top of that, they were dealing with extremely high agent and policyholder support representative turnover resulting in additional costs and loss of productivity. 

We redesigned their processes by leveraging Financial Services Cloud’s insurance native data model along with its powerful customer profile and policy lifecycle process features, empowering agents and service representatives with intuitive and easy collaboration tools. Adoption of the Salesforce solution resulted in increased productivity and greater satisfaction, which had a positive impact on agent retention. We also designed and implemented an end-to-end agent recruiting and onboarding process which helped them make up ground due to agent losses from historical turnover.

Wealth and asset management

Financial Services Cloud makes it easier for wealth and asset management firms to ensure trust and transparency. With true relationship intelligence, you can capture and visualize up-to-the-moment account information within and across clients, households, and networks; curate and provide access to essential client information and partner solutions for advisors — all in one place; empower advisors with Next Best Action recommendations powered by Salesforce Einstein.

With FSC, wealth and asset management firms can:

  • Get greater insight into Financial Accounts integration of assets Held Away and other data sources
  • Deliver personalized advice across all channels
  • Automate householding to give greater client insight
  • Leverage marketing automation to maximize time spent helping clients achieve their goals

Our client, Tiedemann Wealth Management, utilized multiple, disparate Salesforce instances, leading to an inability to have a single 360-degree view of its relationships. Additionally, the separate Salesforce instances were not widely adopted, as they were built tactically over the past few years. 

By leveraging standard FSC cloud functionality along with custom features to meet its needs and address challenges with their business processes, Tiedemann created a complete picture of client data to better meet their client needs. By utilizing FSC, advisors are empowered with intuitive and easy collaboration tools as well as complete client information in a connected platform, allowing advisors to become more productive and have more time to focus on building client relationships.

We combine deep financial services experience with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud expertise

By reducing friction and improving efficiency, Financial Services Cloud deepens and optimizes the everyday and urgent communications and workflows between your teams and those you serve.

The financial services landscape is constantly evolving toward more personalized experiences, real-time internal and external collaboration, predictive analytics, and the elimination of paper processes. Financial Services Cloud is at the forefront of this movement, and Silverline is uniquely positioned to help you reap the benefits.

As a top Salesforce Partner with expertise in financial services, we leverage best practices acquired through more than a thousand implementations, with a core financial services team that possesses industry knowledge across all lines of business. We know FSC, and we’re ready to combine your needs with the power of the platform.

Learn more about how our Financial Services practice can help your organization realize the benefits of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.


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