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June MuleSoft Meetup Recap: Insurance

By 10.01.19
Reading time: 2 minutes

This summer, the NYC MuleSoft Meetup group met at the Salesforce Tower to focus on MuleSoft’s role in the Insurance space. Following a brief networking dinner of pizza and drinks, insightful presentations were delivered. Topics covered the caveats of implementing MuleSoft when your enterprise has complex requirements and structure, as well as how to inspire your API use cases from your goals instead of reactively from your needs.

Highlights of the three talks at the MuleSoft Meetup

  1. I described my experience with the advantages and challenges of implementing Mulesoft in an enterprise org, stating that MuleSoft can simplify communication but not eliminate the need for planning when coordinating data model differences. I also covered the difference between workflows that require user interaction and those that do not, such as variations of the policy quoting process, and the difference between needing a core system to store state versus building flows entirely in MuleSoft.
  2. David Berlind spoke on the importance of inspiration in the modern dynamic technological landscape. When uninspired companies build API-led approaches from existing technology stacks and perceptions, they observe an advantage but not the breakthroughs needed to disrupt their markets. David demonstrated the value of innovative thinking through an Insurance example, wherein business motives were evaluated from the outside in 
  3. NYC MuleSoft Meetup Co-Leader Suyog Gandhi and others led a MuleSoft discussion panel. The discussion focused on how companies can identify future needs and build accurately to them, as well as the change in the technology demand created by the new generations of mobile-first consumers with evolving and dynamic demands.

The MuleSoft Meetup group aims to get together once per quarter and the organizers actively solicit feedback concerning topics and suggestions on content depth. If you are interested in getting involved with the MuleSoft user group or want to recommend topics for this series or other future meetings, reach out to the leaders Gean Martinez and Suyog Gandhi (info below).

Gean Martinez    Silverline’s March MuleSoft Meetup Recap: APIs in Action 3

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Silverline’s March MuleSoft Meetup Recap: APIs in Action 4


Suyog Gandhi

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