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How 4 Banking and Lending Companies Use nCino with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

By 09.09.21
Reading time: 4 minutes

Banking and lending is a complicated business.

Teams have to juggle multiple systems to manage customer service, loan origination, email marketing, and more. 

nCino brings all of your legacy processes and procedures together and makes internal processes simpler, faster, and more transparent, while also providing associates with the tools necessary to do their job. This allows you to take critical business functions that can be complicated and high touch and transform them into flexible and scalable solutions. 

How 4 banking and lending institutions use nCino + FSC to drive results

Adding Financial Services Cloud to an existing nCino org — or implementing both at the same time — delivers tremendous value by leveraging existing integrations, sharing data across the organization, and delivering a premium experience for your clients. But don’t take my word for it — here’s what our customers said about their nCino and FSC implementations:

1. Building a customer-centric experience

Eastern Funding had quickly outgrown their legacy systems. With a 60% customer repeat rate, being customer-centric and providing what customers need, when they need it, wasn’t an optional way of doing business. It was core to who their bank was.

“We were asking for things we knew the system couldn’t provide, and we didn’t want to introduce other systems that would create silos. We wanted to have one place where we have all of our information, with full access for improved reporting of that data. Silverline had experience working with similar companies, and so it just made it all much more attractive to work with a consultant that had the expertise with nCino and understood what a company like ours needs to be successful.” – Nancy Robles, Chief Operating Officer at Eastern Funding

By reducing friction and improving efficiency, Financial Services Cloud deepens and optimizes the everyday and urgent communications and workflows between teams and customers. With nCino, the team can track exposure more easily, cutting out an entire step for credit and underwriting team members and automatically documenting everything in their core system.

2. Streamlining workflows and eliminating inefficiencies

CAP COM’s teams handled different systems for marketing, referrals, and account management, with no central view of what their members needed. They needed to consolidate their efforts and make their operations more efficient in order to continue to provide the same level of service — and help their teams stay above water.

“This platform has revolutionized our tracking and reporting capabilities. We can see everything that’s going on at a high level, and our teams can have deeper conversations with members to get them the services they need. The stories from our member-facing teams have been amazing! I can’t say enough great things about the Silverline team. They helped guide us every step of the way and helped our team feel empowered and ready to take this on.” – Jason Greco, Chief Technology Officer at CAP COM

Financial Services Cloud paired up with their existing nCino implementation so they could more easily track and visualize member relationships, source and prioritize referrals, streamline handoffs and coordination among key stakeholders, and provide visibility throughout the entire lifecycle. A 360-degree view makes it easy to work together as an organization.

3. Automating commercial loan processes

Axos provides a modern commercial lending experience to their customers — while ensuring key people at the bank have visibility into the loan process — with nCino’s flexible features. Even though the loan process has multiple steps, the tool removed internal silos and increased efficiency between their teams.

“With multiple-point solutions consolidated onto a single, cloud-based platform and by defining a single workflow to enable a scalable loan origination view throughout the organization, Axos is able to communicate with transparency both internally and externally. In addition, Axos is now able to manage loan approvals and loan approval thresholds automatically, improving overall organizational efficiency and decreasing average loan cycle times.” Melissa Hanning, Account Executive at Silverline

Automating parts of the loan process gives them greater speed-to-market and keeps their business ready to grow.

4. Scaling better together

Lake City Bank had essentially maxed out the available capabilities of their solutions, leaving them little to no room for growth. They refused to let technology limit their business — and by adding nCino and Financial Services Cloud, they achieved a 360-degree view of its customers and operations, giving them the foundation to scale.

“We knew we wanted Salesforce from the get-go. When we were looking at commercial systems and what our options were out in the marketplace, we knew that if we selected nCino, that came along with the Salesforce platform. We had never really had a true CRM solution, and we saw it as if we were getting a package deal. Silverline made sure that we didn’t have any question left unanswered and that there wasn’t a single detail we didn’t understand.” – Jolene Howard, VP at Lake City Bank

With new features and capabilities in place, Lake City Bank now has a platform that they can build upon and continue to grow, rather than a rigid, outdated system with a fixed functionality.

Decreasing deployment time with Gearset templates

Since we’ve worked with nCino for years, our teams have a few tricks up their sleeve when it comes to deployment. We leverage the capabilities of Gearset to develop custom code to greatly reduce the time and effort required to deploy nCino commercially for all of our clients.

“With our templates, our team saw an immediate reduction of deployment and validation time by 96% for a single feature. From a task that would typically take up to 12+ hours of data loading and validation, Silverline’s tool reduced effort to a mere 30 minutes in real time. With that extra time, not only do projects move faster, but our teams can focus on more meaningful client conversations and creative project solutions.” – JP Owens, Senior Director, Banking and Lending Practice at Silverline

Nicknamed the Button Click Deployment Center (BC/DC), our Gearset templates provide Silverline’s nCino implementation teams a simpler, speedier experience. 

Silverline brings nCino + FSC together

As a certified Salesforce and nCino partner, Silverline has proven expertise delivering implementations and customized solutions in the banking industry and beyond. Over the years, Silverline has built and distributed industry accelerators within the Financial Services ecosystem to solve industry challenges with best practice solutions delivered and customized for banks. 

Silverline has unparalleled customer satisfaction, delivered over 1,200 deployments, and leverages highly certified industry-focused resources that work with you to ensure measurable success. 

Looking for more information about installing FSC into an nCino org? Look no further.

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