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Leveraging nCino and Financial Services Cloud for Improved Customer Relations

By 02.06.20
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nCino’s Bank Operating System is becoming more common within financial institutions. In fact, the latest figures from nCino show they have over 1,100 financial institution customers around the globe. The nCino platform is designed with bankers in mind — to offer a single end-to-end digitized process that is flexible and scalable. Most financial institutions have a variety of disparate, antiquated technologies to power their business processes, resulting in higher costs, duplicative data entry, and lack of cohesion and efficiency.

If you are a financial institution who already has nCino and are wondering what the different benefits are that nCino and Financial Services Cloud (FSC) provide together, you are not alone. nCino is built on the Salesforce platform and provides a seamless experience for financial institutions leveraging both nCino and Financial Services Cloud. 

What nCino does best

nCino brings all of your legacy processes and procedures together and makes internal processes simpler, faster, and more transparent, while also providing associates with the tools necessary to do their job. This allows you to take critical business functions that can be complicated and high touch and transform them into flexible and scalable solutions. 

Leveraging nCino and Financial Services Cloud for Improved Customer Relations

Image credit: nCino

Salesforce Financial Services and Marketing Clouds

FSC provides banks with proven best practices and customer relationship management capabilities including: 

  • Campaign management
  • Customer segmentation and householding
  • Seamless cross-sell intelligence with leads and referrals
  • An engagement system that supports internal sales management processes for pipeline tracking
  • Actionable data with measurable outcomes 

When combined, this functionality provides insights that have historically eluded banks due to numerous disparate systems, making the use of data an insurmountable task. 

Additionally, when the power of the FSC features and an integrated marketing solution (Salesforce Marketing Cloud) are used in unison, financial institutions can harness the power of data in both nCino and Salesforce. This allows institutions to deliver excellent customer experiences for sales and service through real-time data points in the platform. 

The combined benefits of nCino and Financial Services Cloud 

Adding FSC to an existing nCino org delivers tremendous value by leveraging existing integrations, sharing data across the organization, and delivering a premium experience for your clients. 

The way consumers are interacting with financial institutions continues to shift and investing in a platform that can support multiple channels and experiences is critical. Clients expect their financial institution to leverage the data they have already provided throughout their relationship. Financial institutions best positioned for the future are those that can seamlessly marry digital experience, content, and solutions with their physical distribution, enabling clients to engage on their terms. 

Leveraging nCino and Financial Services Cloud for Improved Customer Relations 2

Investment in a digital origination solution from nCino and FSC provides an ideal foundation for any financial institution to modernize and optimize the customer lifecycle from end to end — from sales prospecting all the way through account opening and servicing. FSC provides a comprehensive view of the customer, enabling prospecting and sales efforts, and nCino digitally enables the origination process regardless of the client’s preferred method of communication. 

Silverline brings it all together

As a certified Salesforce and nCino partner, Silverline has proven expertise delivering implementations and customized solutions in the banking industry and beyond. Over the years, Silverline has built and distributed industry accelerators within the Financial Services ecosystem to solve industry challenges with best practice solutions delivered and customized for banks. 

Silverline has unparalleled customer satisfaction, has delivered over 1,200 deployments, and leverages highly certified industry-focused resources that work with you to ensure measurable success. 


Looking for more information about installing FSC into an nCino org? Look no further.


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