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Webinar Recap: How MuleSoft Connects Banks & Loan/Customer Origination

By 05.14.20 Women watching a webinar in her home
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Last week, Silverline hosted Sean Murray, Regional Vice President, East at MuleSoft in conversations about integration in digital transformation as a part of our WFH series.

Joined by Silverliners Gean Martinez, Jill Harrison, and myself — the group focused on the importance of keeping people (both employees and consumers) at the forefront of changes with meaningful processes and technology. The way to achieve this, especially within banking and financial services, comes down to engagement, agility, and speed.


Maintaining quality engagement is key during digital transformations to ensure improved experiences after go-live. Here are three areas to focus on:

Loan Origination Systems

Many organizations have multiple loan origination systems, sometimes broken up by product, segment, etc. A integration layer with Mulesoft allows you to bring the origination experiences to an engagement layer like Salesforce that enables all associates. This provides visibility into the sales process, servicing process, marketing engagement and offers the ability to pass relevant and high value customer data to other systems and parties throughout the organization. 


Knowing your customer is critical. You need to know all of your segments, all of their open engagements (sales, service and marketing campaigns) in order to provide relevant content and insights. Mulesoft allows you to expand the impact of legacy origination systems to provide real-time insights to the entire organization in a quick and agile fashion. 


The customer service teams rely on accurate and timely information about customers to provide exceptional service experiences. Mulesoft and Salesforce allow you to bring all of that information into a singular platform  to view Sales, Service, and Marketing experience information combined with all of the critical account information. This provides significant operational efficiencies — no more logging into 5-10 systems during a service call, no more asking Marketing what content went out, no more wondering who the last associate to interact with the client was. Everything you need to service a customer can be available in your service console in Salesforce with the appropriate integration strategy


Instead of replacing your legacy systems and organizing large transformation project teams and executing months of change management, Mulesoft allows you to expand the life of those systems by bringing the right information at the right time to all teams. 


The ability to reuse connections to legacy systems and expand experiences can be expedited with Mulesoft and Salesforce. Connecting additional workflow systems will also allow for consistent experiences for associates. Your teams should not worry about what buttons to click and what logins to remember. 

By implementing Mulesoft with Salesforce, you allow you associates to be advisors instead of “button clickers.” You can also eliminate outdated workflows and clunky procedures by leveraging the Salesforce Platform with your customer 360 to enable efficient processes that let the front-office do what they do best while providing the back-office transparency and scale. 

See for yourself

Unraveling legacy technology is difficult — Silverline is helping its clients leverage the MuleSoft platform to add a layer of abstraction to the many systems that are used to run a business, allowing for easier, faster, and modern integrations to be implemented. 

For more information, you can view the on-demand webinar now and check out Silverline’s upcoming webinars here.


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