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Supercharge Your Data Management With These Handy Salesforce Admin Tools

By 04.14.15
Reading time: 2 minutes

We asked our team for some of their favorite tools that system admins can use to make their lives easier. Many of them are also free! How many of these do you use?

Data Quality

  1. Easily import, export, and delete data in Salesforce. Schedule imports, auto-map and more… what’s not to love? There are also paid levels, so note that there are certain limitations on the free version, including task and import constraints.
  1. DemandTools: We’ve spoken about parts of this invaluable set of tools before here and here. CRM Fusion describes DemandTools as the Salesforce administrator’s data quality power toolset. Manage duplicate entries, import, export, standardize and compare records, mass update, and generally keep your data in great shape.

Extending Salesforce Functionality: Campaigns, Summaries, Fields

  1. Campaign Combiner:  Exclude people from or copy them to particular campaigns, or exclude some campaigns from mailing lists. You can also create a new campaign of member intersection between several campaigns, and other useful features. Great tool for campaign-heavy organizations!
  1. Campaign Segmentation Wizard: Segment your campaigns, perform randomized A/B testing, and even break those campaigns into the right-sized pieces for Mass Email.
  1. Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries: Use this open source tool to address a limitation in the Salesforce platform and finally be able to do rollup summaries on lookup relationships without writing code (and declaratively define the rollup definitions).
  1. Field Trip: Analyze the fields of any object, and even find the percentage of records using the field. Eliminate pointless fields and understand your existing ones better.

Google Chrome Browser Plugins

  1. Id Clipper: A convenient clipper to copy any Salesforce record ID to your clipboard. You can copy the “clean” 18-character version in just two clicks.
  1. Salesforce Id Paster: Once you’ve copied a Salesforce ID, you can use a keyboard shortcut to quickly go to that record.
  1. Simple Window Saver: Do you have sets of frequently-used Salesforce tabs that you want to save, manage, and return to later? Simple Window Saver lets you do just that with one click.
  1. LOGINS: If you have multiple Salesforce logins, manage them with this efficient browser plugin.


  1. Eclipse: A set of tools that can be useful for admins. Compared to the standard Salesforce interface, Eclipse helps you work more efficiently. For example, it enables you to add many fields and update field level security more quickly.
  1. LastPass: Save your logins for Salesforce and all the different tools you use, so you can spend more time on your work and less time trying to remember a password.

Happy administrating, we hope you find these as useful as we do!

Special thanks to Peter Bender, Jim Kelly, Jeff Issenberg, Colleen McCarthy, and Eric Magnuson for their contributions to this post.  

Original post on the Exponent Partners Blog can be found here.

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Exponent Partners is a mission-based software consulting firm that helps nonprofits and foundations use technology to build capacity, streamline processes, improve performance using data, and ultimately further their missions. Exclusively focused on the nonprofit sector, they build cost-effective solutions on the Salesforce platform for human services, education, and philanthropic organizations.

Image by zzpza, used under a CC license.

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