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3 Health Insurance Technology Trends for 2022 and Beyond

By 01.06.22
Reading time: 3 minutes

Your members expect more of you than ever. They’re looking for a streamlined shopping experience, guidance when it comes to enrolling into the right plan, and that you’ll meet them where they are — not the other way around. 

But if you’re like most payers, you might be struggling with the operational realities to make those customer demands happen — and worry you’ll fall behind. You have to make it easy for your members to purchase from you.

To deliver the best possible member experience, you need the right technology behind it. It’s impossible to enable the personalized, detail-oriented experience your members and potential members expect when you’re swiveling from system to system, and none of them talk to one another.

3 ways payers can transform the member experience

I sat down with Joel Tamburo, Senior Payer Advisor here at Silverline, and Mark Salandra, Senior Director of Sales Engineering for Health Insurance at Salesforce, to talk through how you can adapt to this changing payer landscape, and what this means for your member experience. Here are three key health insurance technology trends for 2022, and for the whole picture, you can watch the on-demand webinar here

1. A 360-view of members creates that Amazon-like experience

If you’ve ever been on hold for 45 minutes just to order a new insurance card, you may have felt some of your customer pain.

The thing about healthcare is that the folks that need it the most are the ones that are least likely to be at their best — whether they’re struggling with a chronic illness, anxious about fees, or simply trying to handle a complex system that they’re not accustomed to. Searching for a new PCP or trying to understand their coverage can be stressful, and it’s up to your team to think about your customers as people, not numbers on a spreadsheet.

That’s honestly what they expect, if you want to continue to get their business. They’re looking for that Amazon-like customer experience where you can easily understand their needs and deliver it to them right away, in the format they prefer. You want to enable omnichannel communication and let your members set preferences, like talking via text, phone, or live chat, instead of sending a hard copy.

But you can’t do that without the right data. You need a 360-degree view of the member that empowers your service agents to see all of the information they need, right when they need it, so they can handle any inquiry quickly and effectively. That way, you can reduce call times, reduce the number of calls and transfers, and reduce the need for customers to call back, freeing up those service agents to do other valuable work for the organization.

Making it simple means delivering more value in less time.

2. A single platform that gives payers room to grow

As more payers pivot into other aspects of healthcare, we’re seeing more and more clients here at Silverline looking for a single platform that helps them grow when they do. By removing disparate systems and creating a single, centralized hub, it’s much easier to build a foundation and grow.

It’s much more difficult to find a new customer than it is to retain an existing one. With the right tools, you can forge lifetime relationships with brokers, group members, and everyone within your payer ecosystem — whether you remain with your current business model, move into a provider model, or start selling medical devices or pharmaceuticals. 

3. Customizable configurations give you flexibility

The care plans that you develop for your members provide a foundation to add more capabilities as needed, so you don’t have to worry about your systems getting bogged down just when you’re trying to make a leap into something new.

Technology is constantly changing, but finding a platform that you can customize exactly to your needs allows you to navigate and adapt to those changes. With Salesforce Health Cloud, you can configure business process and flows without writing custom code, adapting to emerging and changing markets and customer demands and making modifications as needed.

Salesforce powers the business of health — and Silverline is here to help

Salesforce is just the platform you need to drive efficiencies and support healthier clinical and financial outcomes. As the #1 sales and CRM tool, Salesforce empowers payers to deliver solutions that maximize your business opportunity.

At Silverline, we’ve partnered with Salesforce for over 10 years to help payers like you deliver on their vision for a better, streamlined member experience. 

With Silverline, you can transform your member experience by:

  • Leveraging deep industry expertise of our healthcare experts
  • Getting up and running faster with pre-built solutions
  • Customizing your implementation so it’s exactly what you need
  • Learning tried-and-true best practices gained from hundreds of client engagements

Silverline offers payers a blueprint for success in which every functional area within your organization can benefit from our industry knowledge, best practices, and thoughtful consultation. Learn more about how we can help your organization.

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