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What Salesforce’s New Health Cloud Capabilities Mean for You

By 03.16.20
Reading time: 2 minutes

Last week, Salesforce announced new capabilities for Health Cloud, including Einstein Analytics for Healthcare; Provider Relationship Management; and Destinations, a no-code healthcare-interoperability Salesforce AppExchange system built by ISV partner Bridge Connector.

Each new Salesforce Health Cloud addition is designed to make it easier for providers to form more comprehensive and collaborative relationships with their members and patients.

Here’s what each new feature can help your healthcare company accomplish.

Einstein Analytics for Healthcare

“In compliance with industry regulations, Einstein Analytics for Healthcare is built specifically for Health Cloud, and allows care coordinators, referral managers and other roles to get up and running quickly with pre-built dashboards and industry KPIs like length of referral time or care-plan adherence right in the platform,” said Dr. Ashwini Zenooz, Chief Medical Officer and General Manager for Healthcare and Life Sciences at Salesforce. 

“Users can segment patients by risk and other attributes to ensure they are reaching the right patient at the right time, as well as identify potential barriers to health in order to reduce readmissions or avoidable claims.”

This new capability leverages technology from Tableau, recently acquired by Salesforce, to provide better analytic visibility into patient care for both payers and providers. Health Cloud users can now build more custom dashboards to track patient outcomes and treatments with visuals that convey information clearly and concisely.

Provider Relationship Management

“The new Provider Relationship Management capabilities in Health Cloud are designed to help healthcare organizations connect consumers to the right care faster, efficiently manage provider networks and grow quality relationships,” Zenooz said. 

Most exciting in the Provider Relationship Management feature is the new customization options available with its Provider Search. On a per-organization basis, fields can be customized to suit their specific search needs. Similar to ridesharing apps, payers can add a cost-level field that provides patients an estimated out-of-pocket cost, allowing them to make more informed decisions before choosing a provider or treatment. 


According to Healthcare IT News, Destinations is “designed to enable healthcare organizations to accelerate the interoperability of Health Cloud and enable Salesforce admins to easily integrate EHR data with predefined data mappings without having to write a line of code.”

This means EHR and CRM solutions will be easier than ever for organizations to bring together — with improved, noticeable differences in less time.

What this means for healthcare professionals

Creating and defining your provider network is a critical first step in patient engagement and navigation within your healthcare system. The result is:

  • Continuity of care for your patients to increase patient loyalty and track network integrity and quality
  • Increased opportunities to drive and retain downstream revenue within your network 


Improving your healthcare ecosystem doesn’t happen overnight. See how Silverline can help bring your Salesforce Org up to speed with our industry expertise.

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