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Physician Relationship Management

Focusing on physician relationships and provider network management keeps your patients within your healthcare system.

Patient expectations are changing. They expect a personalized experience that’s consistent across every provider within your network, regardless of specialty.

While many hospital systems focus on patient acquisition, they often forget that patient retention also matters to their bottom line. Health systems lose billions of dollars year over year by struggling to keep referrals from primary care to specialty care and services within their healthcare system. Gaps in care, care coordination, and patient engagement means physician relationship management should be at the forefront of any digital transformation initiative. It is a foundation capability allowing you to effectively navigate patients within your health system.

Focusing on physician relationships and provider network management ensures that new and existing patients stay within the health system, maintaining and increasing opportunities for downstream revenue. 

Group of medical practitioners analyzing x-rays on a digital tablet in a hospital

Provider Network Management

Creating and defining your provider network is a critical first step in patient engagement and navigation within your healthcare system. Whether you’re building a new clinically integrated network (CIN) for payer contracting, standing up a new accountable care organization (ACO), or managing referrals from primary care to specialty care and services within your healthcare system, provider network management can do it all.

Engaging with providers in your network not only saves money and helps retain patients — but also increases quality and enhances the patient experience. 

A medical team gathers to discuss improving the patient experience.

How does it work?

Silverline has created a Provider Network Management solution that includes:

  • Referral Management

    Unlock the ability for centralized referral management staff to oversee both provider-driven and patient-driven referral processes to ensure efficient and effective management of the referral lifecycle.

Network and Physician Relationship Management for Payers

For Payers, transactional relationships with providers are a thing of the past. Whether it’s checking if a provider is in-network for members or determining cost, payers also rely on accurate provider information. Ensuring members receive appropriate treatment at the right cost and managing their network is an important step to member satisfaction.

With years of experience working with payers and providers alike, Silverline provides a delightful and connected experience across all areas in a payer organization.

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Health Cloud for Provider Network and Physician Relationship Management

Salesforce’s Health Cloud enables the physician relationship journey. Salesforce has recently released new physician relationship management capabilities in Health Cloud that supports the growth of quality relationships, connects patients to the right care, and allows for easier management of provider networks. Learn more about the benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud.

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View our demo and see Provider Network Management in action.
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