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Referral Management System

Optimize the referral process, improve patient matching, and increase revenue.

Do you want to build more revenue? Maybe it’s time to overhaul your referral process.


Lack of accessible information on in-network and out-of-network physicians, inefficient scheduling, and lack of oversight for referrals all contribute to lost revenue, meaning hospitals and other providers can lose hundreds of millions — even billions — of dollars each year. 


Hospitals and other providers need more than a quick fix to recoup lost income— they need a new, reliable tracking tool. That’s where an effective referral management system can help.


Why Every Provider Should Have a Referral Management System

  • Maximize in-network referrals
  • Reduce patient leakage
  • Increase revenue associated with successful referrals
  • Streamline appointment scheduling process and improve patient experience
  • Allow for analytics and reporting to further improve referral process
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Getting Started with a Referral Management System

Provider Directory and Patient-Physician Match

The first step to creating a referral management system is creating a robust provider directory, with profiles for all physicians and facilities. Your provider directory profiles should include:

  • Physician certifications
  • Specialities
  • Associated facilities
  • Locations and addresses
  • Accepted insurance options
  • Estimated cost
  • Availability for new patients

This allows for easy filtering for these factors during a provider search and making an appropriate patient-provider match. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for patients to know whether or not a doctor is right for them. 

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Schedule Appointments Quickly

Once provider and facility profiles are set up, add calendar openings for each physician (manually or through integrations with your EHR/practice management software) to streamline the appointment scheduling process. This can be physician-initiated, with the PCP making the referral, or patient-initiated through the provider’s website or patient community.

Active Referral Management

Rather than hope that a referral goes through, active referral management gives your team oversight into the referral process.

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