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5 Tips for Conquering Salesforce Trailhead

By 07.21.15
Reading time: 3 minutes

As the newest members of the Silverline Academy, we have dedicated our time to utilizing Salesforce Trailhead. These interactive learning paths allow individuals the opportunity to improve their skills and gain an understanding of the basic building blocks of the Salesforce1 Platform. From Beginner Admin trails to Intermediate Developer trails, these tutorials offer an exciting and motivating way to learn. Although the modules are difficult at times, if you remember these five easy tips, you too can learn everything you need to know about the Salesforce1 Platform.


1. Don’t Skip Leg Day. We’ve had those days when we want to take it easy, but when it comes to Trailhead don’t skip out on lessons. If the reading guides you through an action or activity, actually do it! Going through the motions will help you retain knowledge.


2. Patience you must have, my young padawan. You may find yourself tempted to skip the reading and go straight to the challenge at the end. Don’t skip the reading, because it contains valuable information that isn’t included in the challenge. Another strategy that proved successful for some of the Silverline Academy team was to read the challenge first and then go back to the reading so you know what to watch for when you read.

3. Java is Coming. The Developer modules provide a very helpful intro to Apex and Visualforce. However, it does assume that you have at least a basic working knowledge of Java. If you feel as though you know nothing about the basics, we would suggest you check out edX’s Introduction to Java Programming before jumping into Apex.


4. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. Do Trailhead with a buddy! It isn’t impossible to do alone, but it’s helpful to have someone else going through the modules at the same time as you. If you don’t have a friend on hand, Google will definitely be your friend! It’s not cheating to consult Google for tips and hints with the challenges.


5. Treat Yo Self. Constantly absorbing new information can be draining, so it’s helpful to take breaks or do other work in between modules and reward yourself (perhaps with a tasty ice cream?) when you complete a particularly challenging activity.

We hope you find these Trailhead tips helpful! For more tips & tricks from the Silverline teams, click here.

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