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A Little Goes A Long Way In Your CRM: Small CRM Updates Massively Impact Your Team’s Productivity & Effectiveness

By 07.25.18
Reading time: 3 minutes

A fully-functioning, perfect CRM is hard to obtain, and once a team accomplishes this glory, it can be hard to encourage more change or even continuous updates.

To begin, finding someone with the wits and experience to overhaul your CRM can be costly, time-consuming, and daunting. Even once you find your CRM guru, it’s challenging to set goals, outline a plan, and develop criteria for your new system to live up to.

Establishing a system that is modern and useful makes a big difference, so despite these challenges, it should be prioritized. Outdated or ineffective technology only leads to poor productivity and frustration amongst employees. A strong CRM can combat these unpleasant workplace feelings and improve the overall effectiveness of your teams.

Not sure where to start overhauling your CRM? Here are a few easy first steps to get you on the right path.

Visit The CRM “Doctor”

Everyone knows they should go to the doctor every so often to check on their health. But, who actually does this? Very rarely are doctor’s office visits prioritized, but the benefits of staying in tip-top shape and understanding your personal health surely outweigh the hassles.

Similarly, simple health checks are an easy way to maintain your CRM and find errors or issues before they become overwhelming. Just like a quick trip to the doctor, it’s a good way to evaluate what’s working, what’s not working, where you could improve, and what needs immediate attention.

It’s good to get in the habit of checking on the health of your CRM to ensure full functionality and efficiency!

Immediate Changes That Make A Big Difference

Aside from frequent health checks to maintain your CRM for your team, there are various changes that can be made on a regular basis or as a starting point for a larger overhaul. These changes are relatively quick and make a big impact.

Update Your Calendar Methods

Scheduling is a pain. Balancing multiple calendars gets tricky. We all know that. Leverage smart tools in your CRM to make scheduling and calendars simpler. Internally, this helps your teams rely on accurate information more and work more efficiently. Externally, smart calendar systems in your CRM can create a better user experience and increase satisfaction for your customers.

Implement Analytics

What is the most important metric to track for your business? Are you tracking it? If not, this is a glaring red flag that should be taken care of in any CRM update. You may have many metrics to track, where a dashboard or data governance could be tremendously valuable. Start with the goal you’d like to achieve, and build out your CRM to match these goals.

Involve The Perspective Of Your Customers & Stakeholders

When thinking of upgrades to your systems, you have to keep the customer and appropriate audience in mind. Hello! That’s the entire purpose of your CRM!

Think about what your customers and stakeholders might appreciate. A streamlined, personalized wellness initiative could completely transform interactions with your customers. If you’re not interacting at all, customized marketing automation might be the right option for you. Take a step back and think like a customer.

Go Mobile

Today, 77% of Americans own a smartphone, and that number is only rising. That’s a huge opportunity to get in the hands of your team (quite literally) with mobile optimizations. If you are craving more efficiency from your team, enable them to accomplish tasks and communicate on the go! They’ll be able to sell faster, work smarter, and feel empowered.

These immediate changes are quick, simple ways to enhance your CRM. Don’t stop there! Take your CRM to the next level and target additional capabilities of the platform to realize the full value of your investment by contacting us to schedule a health check.

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