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How do you stay on top of Salesforce releases?

By 03.20.18
Reading time: 2 minutes

Staying on top of Salesforce’s three releases each year can be a big task if you don’t have a proper strategy in place. Are you an admin on a Salesforce team or a solo-admin for your company? The smaller your team, the more daunting these releases may seem. Take advantage of these best practices to stay on top of each release and make sure your org is up-to-date and you’re not missing any exciting new features. Check out the latest release and start your strategy.

Readiness Research

There are a ton of resources out there to get the most out of each release. Reading the full release information from front to back is your best bet but finding out what others are talking about is super beneficial. You can get perspectives outside of your own to see what’s important to other organizations and what you should be paying the most attention to. Join the Release Readiness group, which highlights new features, high-level release notes, on-demand readiness videos, and webinars. Collaborate and communicate with the group to get your questions answered.

Salesforce Blogs

Salesforce releases a series of blog articles, and Silverline does too, on every release to make the information more digestible. Discover opinions and resources that will help you on your release readiness journey.


The best way to consistently approach each new release is with a strategy. Create your own strategy with best practices delivered through Salesforce’s Release Strategies trailhead. Learn how to create a strategy around your own release readiness process. Decide what is going to impact your org the most and backlog items. What’s important to your users? Align what your backlog priorities are by what is most important to your organization.

In need of additional support for release readiness? Let our team become an extension of your team with Silverline’s Navigator offering to keep you on track for long-term success, click here to learn more.

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