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Optimized Salesforce Security Features for an Independent Banking Firm

By 02.12.21 Improved Salesforce Security Features: Young businesswoman working on a laptop
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Any digital transformation project requires significant resources — time, budget, and internal subject matter expertise. When you invest in that kind of project, you need to deliver a platform that meets initial expectations and establishes a strong foundation for future expansion. 

This Midwest-based, independent, and locally-owned bank recently completed their initial Financial Services Cloud implementation with a third-party SI, but they were underwhelmed. It seemed like Salesforce wasn’t meant for them, stuck with out-of-the-box functionality that didn’t align to their business processes, didn’t actually solve their problems…and wasn’t easy for their employees to use.

What the bank really needed was a way to better keep up with the changing needs of their community. The bank has been in business since 1874, serving their community for nearly 150 years — and they knew for the next 150, they’d need to make sure they offered streamlined, modern, easy-to-use services for their customers. 

By chance, team members of the bank were seated at an event with a Silverline employee, and a partnership began. 

A trusted partner with Managed Services

More than anything, the bank needed guidance to make the most out of their new implementation and tailor it to their specific needs. The overall engagement objectives, as defined by both Silverline and the bank, were to:

  • Review and optimize security model
  • Review and optimize opportunity processes
  • Enable mobile optimization
  • Enable ease-of-use for employees
  • Perform Pardot advisory

One of the best parts of Salesforce is that its software can do pretty much anything — and that flexible functionality is fantastic if you know what to do with it. But it also takes some careful tuning and setup or you’ll leave your team in the dust. The bank’s current implementation accidentally hid employee bank accounts in the system, for example, which was designed to protect employee information…but then made it impossible to find for employees who needed a new debit card or wanted to check their bank accounts.

On the surface, it looked like the problem was just around their employee accounts. But what it was really about was security — how the bank could make sure they complied with regulations and keep information safe.

What the original setup meant to do was hide sensitive information to keep it secure, but it ended up making it impossible to use. 

Now more than ever, businesses must enable workers to access sensitive data quickly and securely so they can perform at their best — no matter where they may be working. The amount of sensitive data stored in the cloud adds another complex layer of security standards that need to be met and mitigated with security policies that support WFH, in-office, and hybrid workforces. 

Silverline successfully aligned new permissions and security features, enabling views for only the people who needed to see PII or other sensitive information to do their jobs, like the HR team.

Working with Silverline’s managed services team, that bank got their Salesforce instance up and running more efficiently and with more robust functionality than their original engagement.

A fully functional and customized FSC

Throughout the course of the engagement, Silverline accomplished all objectives, including but not limited to:

  • Org-wide data quality improvements
  • Switched to deterministic Encryption
  • Enabled referrals sent to a queue
  • Moved loan tracking log from Excel to Salesforce
  • Implemented an underwriter checklist
  • Reviewed and corrected permissions to reflect actual roles in the company
  • Advised on Pardot and industry best practices

The bank now enjoys a fully functional and tailored instance of Financial Services Cloud, which allows them more flexibility and opportunity for growth. Now, they provide a better customer and employee experience and are ready for their next 150 years in business — and Silverline is there for them as any questions or issues come up.

Get the most out of your Salesforce implementation with Silverline

Silverline’s Salesforce Managed Services gives you access to a team of highly skilled Salesforce experts with years of experience in the banking and lending industry, attuned to the specific challenges firms face. We can assist with every aspect of your Salesforce journey — from technical strategy and business alignment to supplementing your own in-house skills. With hands-on Salesforce support services, we help businesses achieve the maximum benefit from their investment in the Salesforce platform.

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