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Managed Services: Addressing Agility

By 04.27.23
Reading time: 4 minutes

In this installment of our managed services series, we’re talking about the great unknown. With staff augmentation, platform and system integration, and post implementation already covered, we know that there are still questions about what to do when your company is ready to bring its Salesforce Org to the next level. Silverline’s flexible Managed Services solution will help make that leap seem like less of a stretch.

Myth: Managed services is for people who have a specific problem in need of a specific solution

With the right managed services partner, you don’t need scope. You don’t need to know exactly what you need. You don’t need to know exactly what you want and you don’t need to know exactly how you’re going to get there. You don’t need to know what you need now and two months from now. You can figure that out as you go in an agile fashion. That’s part of what Silverline does.

You can manage the lifecycle and evolution of your platform by having something like managed services, where you’re constantly checking a backlog of enhancements and user requests. As your users come up with new ideas or new business problems, you can continuously review and re-prioritize and solve those problems in a flexible manner.

Things change quickly. Having a big project and only getting one product or solution out the door every six months means your business has already changed drastically during that time. It takes too long to get to the scope and have everything be suited for a perfect waterfall approach; everything has changed by the time you get to the end. So it’s better to manage all of that in a much more agile, nimble fashion. That’s what managed services can do.

Behind every specific problem or need and solution is another specific problem or need and its subsequent solution. And those are going to be of varying scale in terms of complexity and duration. That’s why, at Silverline, we provide the ability to flex the team composition as required to match the scale of the need.

Myth: Organizations need to already have a backlog in order to get the full value from managed services

Sometimes it’s even better if you don’t! When we do that work shoulder to shoulder, following a proven format and approach, it’s often a more successful engagement from the start. We work together to look at your business, your needs, and identify any gaps. When we come in with fresh eyes, we can help prioritize and define what needs to be done and also how to most effectively accomplish things.

You know your business best, and partnering with our team of experienced consultants enables us to lend our expertise to the specific needs of your engagement. Our combined experience of past projects spans industries opposite and exactly like yours, giving us a broad, collective expertise to pull from as we architect solutions and enable efficiencies.

Your Silverline Managed Services team can perform a Health Check on your Org to help identify issues and manage their impact. This type of review can help to define your initial backlog and will often remove blockers that you may have been unaware of. You may think you have a problem you don’t have. You might not think you have a problem that you do have. Our team can work with you to identify and prioritize precisely what will have the greatest effect on your business.

Myth: Managed services is too static; organizations need a dedicated project team

Managed services is, by nature, very flexible. Your business needs are going to evolve and change from quarter to quarter or month to month. That can also include your ability to support a budget commensurate with what you’re trying to achieve. You need the ability to flex a team up and down (and even sideways). We bring that, along with a variety of experience, to the team. At times that means bringing different people with different skill sets to the team — which isn’t possible when you have a static team or a single admin that you manage internally.

Silverline can help you figure out the best model for you at the time, and the skill sets required to accomplish it. We’ll help you figure out the best path forward to get the initiative completed, whether it be with managed services or a full-time project team for a more focused scope.

We have the ability to respond to variances in scope, time frames, and teams. We respect that business needs can change from small to massive and back again. And we have the elasticity to accommodate that. We’ll provide the right people at the right time and the right implementation model that makes sense for you.

As your business grows and evolves, your Salesforce instance needs to do the same. Managed Services gives you access to our highly skilled Client Services team of Salesforce experts who can assist with every aspect of your Salesforce journey — from technical strategy and business alignment to supplementing your own in-house skills. 

Are you looking at managed services in a new light? Download our ebook for more illuminating info.


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