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Managed Services: What Is It and Why Do You Want It?

By 04.06.23
Reading time: 3 minutes

With adaptive technology and personalized solutions becoming the norm across all manner of businesses, it’s important to stay ahead of trends.

As a platform, Salesforce is continually evolving — but your business only reaps the benefits if it can keep up with innovations to the platform. As your business grows and evolves, your Salesforce instance needs to do the same. But not everyone wants, needs, or has a budget to build out an entire team of Salesforce architects and admins.

That’s where Managed Services comes in.

What is Managed Services?

Managed Services means that your company engages a partner to provide full-time or part-time resources to handle all your Salesforce tasks (e.g., updates, enhancements, ongoing support and maintenance). Silverline Managed Services gives you access to a wide range of skills that are nearly impossible to find in one person — at pricing comparable to hiring a single resource.

Your business needs are going to evolve and change from quarter to quarter or month to month. That can also include your ability to support a budget commensurate with what you’re trying to achieve. You need the ability to flex a team up and down (and even sideways). We bring that, along with a variety of experience, to the team. At times that means bringing different people with different skill sets to the team — which isn’t possible when you have a static team or a single admin that you manage internally.

The services provided fall all along the entire spectrum of Salesforce complexity — from basic design and configuration to Health Checks and planning for new feature rollouts. In addition, depending on your needs, our team will provide regular strategy planning sessions to ensure you get maximum value and user adoption from your technology investment.

What are the benefits of Managed Services?

Having a team available to you that understands where to pay attention and maximize learnings to evolve your Salesforce environment is important. That’s where you start to increase your use of, the value of, and therefore, the ROI of your Salesforce implementation.

Managed Services gives you access to our highly skilled Client Services team of Salesforce experts who can assist with every aspect of your Salesforce journey — from technical strategy and business alignment to supplementing your own in-house skills. We learn your business and focus on impact, help you adapt to changing business needs, and keep you on track for long-term success.

Managed Services isn’t just for one type of client. This solution provides flexibility to accommodate needs for those who:

  • Want to continue building out app functionality identified during their original project(s) with rolling release plans
  • Have rolled out Salesforce with a competitor and now need more specialized industry help, or are unhappy with their existing service
  • Have identified new teams they need to add to Salesforce, smaller-scale integrations they need to build, or other functionality they’d like to introduce (e.g., marketing automation)

Why choose Silverline instead of a GSI? 

There are plenty of experts in the Salesforce field with processes built to take all of your data and integrate it into a new system. These global system integrators (GSIs) can certainly move things from point A and into point B. But what these large corporations often lack is flexibility, industry expertise, and personalized solutions.

Silverline staffs from within our consulting teams that have both technical and industry-specific expertise, which differs from the way many GSIs do Managed Services. We provide a flexible offering for customers who understand the value of continuous delivery beyond their initial implementation of Salesforce, easily engaging in projects big or small. For existing Salesforce customers who want access to a blended set of resources at a competitively leveraged rate, we offer a range of onshore and offshore skill sets that provide compelling hourly rates comparable to large GSIs — but with a customized approach.

We provide a range of high-touch and strategic consulting services not typically found in other Managed Services teams, including quarterly business reviews, business value services, executive and board reporting, support for moving to Salesforce Lightning, and integration/marketing support.

Interested in learning more about what Salesforce Managed Services can do for you? Check out our ebook.

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