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How to Move as Quickly as Today’s Young Workforce with Salesforce

By 07.18.19
Reading time: 3 minutes

Salesforce has always been on the cutting edge. When Salesforce launched in 1999, it was not the platform it is now. But its innovative approach for software as a service revolutionized the way the world does business. These were the days of ads like “You can be up and running on Salesforce in 30 days” and “You don’t need an admin.” Of course, the Salesforce we know now is much different. But in a few short years, Salesforce evolved from a CRM tool into the arsenal it is today — much in part because they never stopped adapting.

A workforce shift

Around 2006, Salesforce came out with APEX, and Salesforce quickly became the go-to platform where people could truly develop and build their own business processes into the application and processes. They weren’t trying to fit a square peg in a round hole anymore. At this time, businesses were on the verge of realizing that things were changing more rapidly than ever before.

This is also around the time that millennials were entering the workforce. And as businesses began to understand that millennials were different, they also began to see that they needed a more dynamic work environment. 

Because of the internet’s rapid growth during millennial childhoods — they required more availability in the workplace. They needed and expected things to happen faster. When you grow up with a world of knowledge and technical power at your fingertips, instant gratification becomes the norm. To work in a manual, paper-based, multi-system, slow-moving environment was no longer conducive to the new era of workers. With the rise of Apple and the release of the iPhone around this same time, companies started to understand how easy and how accessible technology in the workplace should be. Work needed to be faster, more functional. But it also needed to be fun.

Nonstop innovation

Now more than ever, businesses want to be on the cutting edge. They want the competitive advantage technology provides — both in attracting top talent and leading the marketplace.

In order to hire and keep new talent in their organizations, employers need to make their technology better and make work about work, not the technology needed to do the work. The technology needs to be streamlined and smooth. They understand that if their company doesn’t stay on top of technology, they lose out on top talent to competitors. But how do you stay on top of tech, when it is constantly changing? 

Salesforce has been doing three releases a year since they started. They understand the need for speed and innovation, so they offer continuous improvements. And as everything changes so rapidly, companies need to think of Salesforce as an investment, a platform providing to-the-minute solutions to help their businesses move forward. And so if they’re constantly changing, how are you keeping up with their changes? How are you making it your own? And how are you keeping up with the demands of your team?

On top of that, your own business processes may change quickly as you grow. Do you have a flexible system that can change and keep up with you?

It’s hard to move forward when you also need to keep focused on the here and now. If you aren’t moving forward, you’re falling behind. And that’s where Navigator from Silverline comes in. 

Ongoing support and continuous value for your Salesforce org

You know that you can’t just buy Salesforce and have it be a one and done implementation. You have to continue to improve it, make it better, add functionality to it, and adapt — otherwise you won’t realize the value of your investment. But you also know that can be a full-time job in and of itself. With Navigator, we provide continuous delivery and enhancements for your Salesforce environment.

Our team of experts are up to date on all the latest releases, can help you determine the best solution for your business challenges, and can create or support any customization your company may need. With a team of consultants on your side, you and your team are free to focus on the work at hand, without the worry of falling behind as technology advances. With our staff providing the skills needed to stay ahead, you don’t have to hire the variety of required talent to innovate and comply with best practices (which costs you extra money and time). And with your org on the cutting edge, you’ll be able to focus on leading the market.

See how Silverline can help you implement your Salesforce org and provide continuous support.


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