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Easily Navigate Salesforce with our New Tool!

By 11.01.13
Reading time: < 1 minute

Overwhelmed by the number of clicks in your life? With Salesforce Navigator, a Chrome extension, you can easily access any page in Salesforce with your keyboard.

From standard areas, to set up, to objects without tabs, what you need is right at your fingertips. Developed by members of our Technical Team, the extension was created to make Silverline’s time spent on projects more efficient. Now, we’re sharing the tool with you! You can install the extension on the Chrome App Store.

How it works:
1. Launch the tool via a keyboard shortcut. You can configure the shortcut as you like (e.g. Control + Shift).
2. Start typing! Salesforce Navigator will filter the choices for you.
3. Thanks to the Tooling API for Salesforce, you can now create new fields! This functionality is currently in beta and Version 1 is set to launch in Spring 2014.

If you have suggestions visit us on GitHub and leave a comment. We appreciate your feedback!


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