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Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation and Managed Services for a Comprehensive Healthcare Delivery System

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An organization based in Alaska administers a comprehensive healthcare system throughout 50+ rural communities not connected by road.

They manage over 40 village clinics, staffed by Community Health Practitioners who provide acute, chronic, emergent, and preventative services. Their regional service and transport center is accessible only by airplane, boat, and (in winter) snowmobiles and four-wheelers. Most patients do not have access to the internet or, in some cases, electricity.

When a higher level of care is needed, patient referrals are often made to one of their five Sub-Regional Clinics, and that requires air travel. Medicaid provides resources for air travel and this provider works with patients to schedule and plan appointments, air travel, and health escorts as needed. 

Challenging Coordination

Their challenge was in coordinating and tracking communication between providers, patients, and travel departments. They were managing it all through email rules and color coding in Outlook and expansive Excel spreadsheets. They needed a system that could help them provide more timely results for patients over the long-term – and to offer call support seven days a week.

While looking for new ways to manage their customer database and needs, an associate found Salesforce. They knew they would need a partner to walk them through the overhaul of a new implementation and engaged Silverline to help them develop and adopt the new technology. 

Silverline designed a robust, custom ecosystem from scratch to manage the provider’s patient care using both Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Community. Moving methodically and thoughtfully, the provider spent about 10 hours each week working with the Silverline team to ensure the ecosystem met their needs. 

Through Silverline Navigator, Silverline’s Managed Services solution, Silverline provides ongoing support with strategic, tactical, and iterative customizations to its Salesforce platform, while continuing to evolve business processes through technology.

An improved patient platform

The provider’s personnel now have a streamlined, easy-to-use platform that replaces countless spreadsheets, email chains, and outdated patient case files. Their custom org helps to provide more timely results and updates for patients, insurance companies, and other clinics over the long-term, and to offer patient call support seven days a week.

With their new setup, they have taken over patient travel management from Medicaid, while still keeping communication lines open and transparent. Patients can work with team members to submit cases in-clinic (where there is reliable internet) through their Salesforce Community portal, and update cases as changes occur.

Silverline and the provider recently reached an agreement for another three-year contract for ongoing Salesforce support through Silverline Navigator.


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